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Filling out paperwork correctly.

To prevent delays in repair or replacement of a countermeasure set, make sure all paperwork is filled in right so maintenance can be tracked on the set. You can find maintenance management info on page 127 of TB 1-1500-341-01.

Before the set goes to AVIM, make sure you write down all necessary--and correct--information on DA Forms 2408-33-R and 2410. Don't turn in the set without the documentation.

Make sure the set's subcomponent hours match on both forms and pay attention to when those internal parts of the countermeasure set need inspection and replacement.

For example, the source light, the high and low speed bearings and the high and low speed motor should be replaced every 400 hours. To know that, you gotta' crack open TM 11-5865-200-12 for all the good PM info.

If you don't do the forms right, you'll get back an unrepaired set with a mailing label that says, "Return to sender". In the end, that creates longer aircraft downtime, slow turnaround time and more work at the AVIM shop.

If you have doubts about paperwork, let DA Pare 738-751, TAMMS-A, help fill in the blanks.
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