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Fill it and rip it.

In some radical re-branding, Dwindle has announced it will offer Bondo-like crack filler as well as skateboard repair kits for the burgeoning DIY'ers out there.

Ricta hit up the juniors market, adding the relative unknowns Marius Syvanen and Julian Davidson to their now star-packed team. Over at Pig Wheels, the lucky leprechaun Patrick Melcher jumps into the pen.

Out in the Valley, Smyth protege Mike Mo Capaldi was added to the Royal trucks team.

Meanwhile, in Texas, young gnarler Chaz McGee has been added to the Black Label and Vox teams. Fellow Texan and Tampa Am winner, Cody McEntire, will be nollie bigspinning in XXL Think T-shirts.

Following months of rumors, eS announced Eric Koston has left the building after 10 very productive years. Is it still a secret who he is riding for? Think about it. Think real hard.

Alien Workshop is said to have obtained the services of one Omar Salazar.

Nike has signed on Stefan Janoski. And Campus habitue and mentor Sandy Bodecker has just been named to the high post of Nike Czar.

This follows his just-past tenure overseeing the buildup of the SB program, soccer in Brazil, coaching of the world's fastest woman, and walking the rabbit fence. And Nike SB's future? Some say there is a P-Rod line in the offing, while others speak incredulously regarding semi-secret Italian hand-tailored SB business suit attire. Life is arduous on Bowerman Drive.

Many skateboard companies have spawned websites, but Brad Staba and Reese Forbes reckon to do it the other way around with their new Skate Mental boards. Brad promises limited-edition planks with fun and fucked up graphics. Get mental.

The Phoenix Am went off this year, moving to the superior Peoria skatepark and involving some of the full-on gnarliest amateur rip riding to date. Arizona's Nick Fiorini grabbed the coveted top slot just ahead of wee-men David Gonzales from Colombia and Taylor Smith of San Diego. Full report next mag.

A girl on Zero? Not exactly, but Jamie and his wife, Joanna, brought home a new baby girl from the hospital recently. James Ruby joins older brother Julien Tiger. Congrats, Thomases!

Other happy news comes from Oceanside, CA, where 1031's Kristian Svitak recently married his Canadian sweetheart. Nice one, Svitak.
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Title Annotation:TRASH
Date:Jun 1, 2006
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