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Filipino is suspected author of 'ILOVEYOU' computer virus.

MANILA, May 5 Kyodo

A 23-year-old Filipino from Manila's lower-middle class district of Pandacan is suspected of being behind the destructive "ILOVEYOU" computer virus that crippled computer systems all over the world, a Philippine Internet service provider said Friday.

Jose Carlotta, chief operating officer of AccessNet, said the suspected author of the virus maintained two legal email accounts with his company, both of which were disabled early morning Friday as word about the computer virus spread.

"We have some information, but this is very sketchy at this point," Carlotta said in a telephone interview. "We are just trying to help authorities to narrow down the location of the person," he added.

Carlotta said the suspect used several hacked email accounts with various providers and prepaid Internet access cards, but that he also maintained two legal accounts with AccessNet.

The suspicion was formed after AccessNet "intercepted some messages going to and from suspected email address," Carlotta said.

"We are led to believe right now that he has hacked from a lot of Internet service providers," he added.

Carlotta said his company was coordinating with government authorities and with other Internet service providers in tracking down the suspect.

The computer virus hit companies in Taiwan and Hong Kong on Thursday, then spread into Europe and the United States, shutting down email systems and infecting computer systems of even the Pentagon and the British Parliament.
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Comment:Filipino is suspected author of 'ILOVEYOU' computer virus.(Internet/Web/Online Service Information)
Publication:Japan Computer Industry Scan
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Date:May 8, 2000
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