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Filing cabinets join the dinosaurs. (Technology).

Every office has them - those tall, silent monoliths that ingest a seemingly endless supply of paperwork. A recent innovation, however, is threatening the filing cabinet with extinction.

As digital technology and virtual filing systems become more popular and affordable, take up a lot less space and can be accessed at the desktop, filing is experiencing a revolution.

Now a document management system has been developed in South Africa which, say designers Minolta, will change the way we file, archive, retrieve and share documentation.

Called MinoltaScan, it doesn't just file. It is a network system that allows any number of terminals access to it. "MinoltaScan not only eliminates shuffling around in badly-maintained filing systems, but makes document manipulation a cinch," says Minolta's Roger Stacy. "Finding documents and downloading them is child's play. Put into perspective, the contents of 600 full lever arch files will easily fit into a 6Gb server. If you need more space, a simple hard drive upgrade is all that's required." MinoltaScan single-user systems cost from R4,800, while multi-user models start from R12,000.
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Title Annotation:Minolta develops new information storage and retrieval system called MinoltaScan
Publication:African Business
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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