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Filing basics.

Organize Your Office: A Small Business Survival Guide to Managing Records

Teri Mark, CRM

This survival guide incorporates professional records management principles in teaching small business owners--those with fewer than 20 employees, home-based businesses, and the self-employed who have no employees--how to organize and manage their business records.

Written in simple, non-technical terms, this book will:

* describe the benefits of effective records management

* explain inventory procedures to identify, operational records

* introduce records retention practices

* explain vital records procedures

* explain filing fundamentals

* introduce records management automation

ISBN: 1-931786-09-7 (ARMA International) Soft cover, English, 150 pages, 2003 Catalog No. A4653 $29, ARMA member $23

At Your FINGERTIPS! A Household Filing System That Works For You

Denise Dale and Alexandra Bradley, CRM

From credit card receipts to report cards, from wedding invitations to phone lists, every bit of paper you encounter in managing your household is dealt with in this book. At Your Fingertips/will help you determine what you should keep (and why) and will guide you step-by-step through the set-up and maintenance of a household filing system that will help you keep those papers accessible, manageable, and retrievable. It also provides tips for reducing unwanted mail.

ISBN: 0-9685727-0-7 (Streamline Information) Soft cover, English, 85 pages, 1999 Catalog No. B4800 $20 ARMA member or non-member

Active Filing for Business Records

Ann Bennick, Ed.D., CRM

To have a competitive edge, all companies can benefit from a well-designed and maintained file system. Active Filing for Business Records explores the records management concepts, principles, processes, and considerations in developing, implementing, and maintaining effective active file systems.

Bennick emphasizes the significance of company culture (organizational structure, degree of autonomy for subordinate organizations, management support, work style, and extent of document sharing) toward an effective file system and provides in-depth explanations, illustrations, and examples of

* file system development concepts and applications

* sample forms for gathering and recording facts and user requirements

* process flow-charts and case studies that illustrate concepts or typical problems

* transparency masters of more than 60 illustrations that can be used for a training presentation

ISBN 0-933887-85-X (ARMA) Soft cover, English, 236 pages, 2000 Catalog No. A4607 $60, ARMA member $41

Filing Fundamentals Package

Whether you are new to filing or just want a refresher, these filing references are essential. Buy as a package and save 20% off the list price!

Package includes

* Alphabetic Filing Rules, 2nd Ed.

* Filing Procedures

* Numeric Filing

* Subject Filing

English (ARMA) Catalog No. A4712 $104 (regular $130); ARMA member $70 (regular $89)

Alphabetic Filing Rules, 2nd Ed.

ARMA International Standards Filing Systems Task Force

This accredited American national standard covers the standard rules for alphabetical firing, with each rule described and illustrated in detail. Alphabetic Filing Rules is designed with space to check or annotate each rule used, allowing the reader to document filing decisions and ensure consistency in filing. Appendices, a bibliography, and an index are included.

ISBN: 0-933887-58-2 (ARMA) Soft cover, English, 38 pages, 1995 Catalog No. A4511 $30, ARMA member $20

Filing Procedures

ARMA International Standards Filing Systems Task Force

This guideline describes the mechanics of filing and retrieving active paper records, magnetic media, and micro image media. It includes procedures for preparing records for filing after the filing and coding methods have been determined. Also includes a bibliography, glossary, and index.

For texts that describe, compare, and contrast these methods (and provide filing exercises on disks), see Professional Records and Information Management and Records Management, 7th Ed. on page 6.

ISBN: 0-933887-33-7 (ARMA) Soft cover, English, 26 pages, 1989 Catalog No. A4532 $31, ARMA member $22

Numeric Filing

ARMA International Standards Filing Systems Task Force

There are various methods of setting up numeric filing systems. Numeric Filing discusses advantages and disadvantages of consecutive, middle-digit, terminal-digit, chronologic, decimal, duplex-numeric, and block-numeric filing systems and gives examples. An indexing section includes types of indices to consider for a particular system. Appendices, a bibliography, and an index are featured.

ISBN: 0-933887-32-9 (ARMA) Soft cover, English, 14 pages, 1989 Catalog No. A4531 $30, ARMA member $20

Subject Filing

ARMA International Standards Filing Systems Task Force

Selection and design of a subject filing system is thoroughly discussed in this guideline, with helpful sections on dictionary and encyclopedic filing system arrangements, coding systems (alphabetic, decimal-numeric, duplex-numeric, and block numeric), types of indices, and cross-referencing procedures. Special features include an appendix with sample records analysis and inventory forms, a bibliography, and definitions.

ISBN: 0-933887-29-9 (ARMA) Soft cover, English, 47 pages, 1988 Catalog No. A4546 $39, ARMA member $27
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