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Saint Saint Saint Death. Falandays, Kallie Poem Mar 1, 2019 105
Maternal Infanticide and Filicide in a Psychiatric Custodial Institution in Hong Kong. Tang, Dorothy; Siu, Bonnie Report Dec 1, 2018 3341
Preface. Smith, Patricia Brief article Jan 1, 2016 121
Maternal filicide among women admitted to forensic psychiatric institutions in Malaysia: case series. Razali, S.; Salleh, R.M.; Yahya, B.; Ahmad, S.H. Report Jun 1, 2015 6335
"Then let no man but I/do execution on my flesh and blood": filicide and family bonds in Titus Andronicus. Detmer-Goebel, Emily Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 5922
Mothers who kill: the forensic use and judicial reception of evidence of postnatal depression and other psychiatric disorders in Australian filicide cases. Bartels, Lorana; Easteal, Patricia Aug 1, 2013 17230
It Was Not Me, It Was My Twin! Tracy, Marc Brief article May 15, 2012 162
OPINION: Leave Casey Anthony Alone! Jul 16, 2011 464
Casey Anthony Release on Sunday, What Awaits Her in Free World? Jul 16, 2011 516
Casey Anthony Not to Receive Additional Protection on Release. Brief article Jul 16, 2011 168
Casey Anthony Trial: Skull Photos of 2-Year Old Caylee Shown in Court. Brief article Jun 9, 2011 292
Murderous Madonna: femininity, violence, and the myth of postpartum mental disorder in cases of maternal infanticide and filicide. Stangle, Heather Leigh Nov 1, 2008 13995
Mad women and desperate girls: infanticide and child murder in law and myth. Rapaport, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2006 19594
Will justice be served on Andrea Yates? Vatz, Richard E. Mar 1, 2005 1186
N.J. student accused of murdering teenage son. Brief Article Sep 15, 2003 188
Who is Andrea Yates?: A short story about insanity. Denno, Deborah W. Jun 22, 2003 83581
The conviction of Andrea Yates: a narrative of denial. Colb, Sherry F. Jun 22, 2003 3616
Women who kill their children: case study and conclusions concerning the differences in the fall from maternal grace by Khoua Her and Andrea Yates. Huckerby, Jayne Jun 22, 2003 14136
Faith-Based Murders? McCarthy, Sarah J. Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 485
A Tale of Two Massacres. Sheppard, Judith Oct 1, 1999 3802
Mad or bad? Child-killers, gender and the courts. Wilczynski, Ania Jun 22, 1997 9394
Masculinity and child homicide. Alder, Christine M.; Polk, Kenneth Jun 22, 1996 8649
A clean house is a clean mind: the social construction of guilt in cases of child homicide. Wilczynski, Ania Report Jan 1, 1996 5918
American society does not value motherhood. Close, Sandy Column Dec 2, 1994 572
Having a child is not a picnic, Susan Smith case reminds us. Schaper, Donna Column Dec 2, 1994 503

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