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File too big or too sensitive to email? GoAnywhere introduces new secure mail module.

How often do we find ourselves trying to email a file that is too big to send? And how many times have we emailed attachments that included sensitive, confidential data because even though it wasn't very secure, email was the fastest, easiest way to get the information delivered?

Linoma Software's popular GoAnywhere[TM] managed file-transfer suite has solved both issues with the introduction of its new Secure Mail module for GoAnywhere Services[TM] that allows authorized users to initiate ad-hoc file transfers from their workstations.

Using Secure Mail is a simple and safe way to send single or multiple files. A user logs into the GoAnywhere Services portal, chooses which file to send and generates an email containing a unique link. The recipient can use that link to view or download the file without it ever leaving the safety of the internal network. Additional options add even more layers of security.

"The Secure Mail module gives the IT department the oversight and audit logs they need to keep their file transfers in compliance with regulations and privacy laws," said Bob Luebbe, chief architect at Linoma Software.

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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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