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File protect.

File Protect, is a utility program that enables non technical Webmasters or website owners to add password protected file download to their website. This web-based management of protected files and username/password lists requires nothing to be installed on the server. It works with all web browsers and provides real security, unlike some password utilities that rely on hidden files. Unless a valid username and password is entered, site visitors cannot access or download files. File Protect can be used to protect any file type e.g. web pages, photos, music, PDF or Word documents. The protected files are served from fast Xara servers, saving the webmaster bandwith costs. An optional free Excel utility allows editing of the username list directly from the desktop. The Xara web page addons can be integrated into a website within minutes.
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Title Annotation:Internet Focus
Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Aug 1, 2003
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