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Figuring Out What It Means to Be a Grandmother.

Grandparents were like mythical beings, like hobbits or unicorns, when I was growing up in Melbourne, Australia.

At my late brother Marvin's bar mitzvah in 1960, the oldest people present were my parents and their peers: I had one uncle on my mother's side, and three aunts on my father's side. (We called all older people-meaning anyone our parents' age-"Auntie" and "Uncle," but they weren't actually blood relatives.) My mother's parents died young (heart disease, cancer) and I never knew them. My father came from Poland, and everyone in his family, apart from two sisters and one half sister, was murdered by the Nazis.

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Author:Pakula, Shyrla
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:May 31, 2018
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