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Fighting off first anniversary flak: Luis Manzano blasts know-it-all bashers.

The ever feisty Luis Manzano was on the defensive once again, blasting bashers who seem to know more about his life than him.

Very recently, the TV host-actor and girlfriend Jessy Mendiola celebrated their first year together. In an Instagram post, Mendiola greeted Manzano in a short but sweet anniversary message.

'Happy anniversary my love! Thank you for coming into my life and making me laugh everyday. I am indeed such a lucky girl, one year has gone by and here I am falling in love with you more every single day. Here's to one year and forever,' Mendiola wrote. Meanwhile, Manzano also posted an equally sweet anniversary message to his lady love.

'Happy Anniversary to you Wowow [emoji] thank you for leaving a smile on my face after a year and looking forward to many more [emoji] Your strength day in and day out never fails to impress me and amazing would be an understatement to describe you [emoji] I wowow you!' Manzano wrote. He also made Mendiola cry over his cute anniversary gift, a puppy which is now named Chewy.

Just as fans and followers rejoiced with the two, others still went for the assault.

One netizen uttered profanity and indecent remarks at the TV host-actor. Notably, a part of the statement of Instagram user @vedihawevo said 'hindi pa sila umamin dami nyong alam' (why don't they [just] admit [the truth] you [Manzano and Mendiola] know a lot).

Image: Screen grab of netizen's comment on Jessy Mendiola's Instagram post

Another comment by the same Instagram user said 'oo nga akala nila maloloko nila tao naka**** lang' as if hinting on something that the public does not know about Manzano and Mendiola.

Image: Screen grab of netizen's comment on Jessy Mendiola's Instagram post

To this day, even after a year, their controversial relationship suffers from never-ending issues still in connection with Manzano's ex-girlfriend, actress Angel Locsin. From the very beginning, Mendiola has been blamed by some netizens for the break-up of Manzano and Locsin. Mendiola has since then endured non-stop bashing.

But a lucky girlfriend she is indeed, as her 34-year-old beau defends her against detractors. The protective Manzano did not let the recent provocation pass without slamming 'everyone asking or pretending to be detectives.'

In his comment, he clarified: 'I was single January palang, around 2 days after the starwars awakens showing here.'

He then shot back at bashers for passing judgments based only on available information via social and public platforms: 'Don't pretend to know it all when all you see/read/know are from tabloids or social media.'

Image: Screen grab of Manzano's comment on Jessy Mendiola's Instagram post

He also revealed that 'the first time we [Mendiola] got to really hangout was my birthday last year :)'

For those claiming to know more beyond these, he only had this to say: 'kung may iba kayong alam na mas alam pa sa amin, aba, e di kayo na!' (If you now more than us, then you're great.)

Image: Screen grab of netizen's comment on Jessy Mendiola's Instagram post

The two, despite the social assaults, seem to be able to manage things. Mendiola has been caught turning off commenting functions on her Instagram page to shut down bashers. When she's not attacked for issues linking her to the Manzano-Locsin break-up, she becomes a victim of online body-shaming.

Manzano has also had his fair share of encounters with bashers that went as far as him exposing their identities or eventually making the basher resort to issuing a public apology.
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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Jun 27, 2017
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