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Fighting a war we can't win; Letters.

BOB Ainsworth, Gordon Brown, call it a day now as we're heading for our own Vietnam.

Our lives aren't in any danger or under threat from the Taliban; our own homebred terrorists caused the London carnage and it was Saudi terrorists who caused 9/11, not Afghans.

History has told us no nation has changed the Afghan way of life; they don't work as a western-style democracy as it is all tribal war lords and drug cartels.

The Russians left and had the courage to admit defeat. Most of our troops haven't seen the Taliban; they only shoot, bomb and destroy an area i front of them.

They don't dominate the ground they have taken. Young men are on a fruitless task.

Don't listen to Ainsworth, Brown, etc; listen to experienced military colonels, brigadiers and higher. They are military, not politicians 2,000 miles behind the enemy line. We're fighting the best improvisers of military hardware specialists in the world.

As an ex-soldier of two tours in Northern Ireland who has been up on the Northern Pakistan frontier and gun-running with the Mujahedeen in the Hindu Kush, I know as well as many others that the terrain would need millions of troops and hardware to even make a dent in the area.

Brown and the other political game show hosts should admit defeat and let's hope 206 troops sacrificed are enough to reach common sense, and not 1206 troops.

Mr J Coulson, Fir Tree Avenue, Coventry.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
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Date:Sep 5, 2009
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