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Fighter for Hillsborough truth leaves an honest legacy.

Byline: Rex MAKIN The Liverpool lawman is Makin his point

ANNE Williams, mother of Kevin who was killed at Hillsborough, was very much a fighter for the truth.

Anne Williams, with that determination that men in power should be accountable, neither made millions nor went for the quick applause but hers is the honest legacy. ? LOYAL and hard-working social workers in the much semi-privatised Sefton Council area are having a hard time.

They not only have to tell many already hardly well-off people to pay a new bedroom tax and council tax but are kicking some out of day-care centres where they may have been regular visitors for years. Apparently some people, though using and benefiting from the company and the friendships, are not special enough to need the service.

Never mind, I guess, condemn them to watching Jeremy Kyle every day for a year and they'll soon be in a condition desperate enough and urgently requiring nor mality.

? ONLY two men were signatories to all three founding documents of the United States of America: the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. One was Robert Morris, maybe the most influential Liverpudlian in world history you've probably not heard of.

Born in 1734 in long-demolished Chorley Court, located off Dale Street near today's Queensway Tunnel entrance, he emigrated aged 13 to join his tobacco trader father.

Subsequently very successful in business, he founded the Bank of North America and became involved in politics. He personally bankrolled the Revolution gratis but ironically ended up in a debtors prison in 1798 after some land deals foundered. Dying in Philadelphia in 1806, he has two universities, a small town and several schools named after him, as well as appearing on some 19th century US banknotes.

The Morris connection may have contributed to the American Consulate in Liverpool being the first anywhere. Perhaps it's time a blue plaque was erected as near as possible to his birthplace so his epic life story may become better known in Liverpool and elsewhere.

. ? MARGARET Hodge MP, the chair of the Parliament Accounts Committee, once was a supposed left-wing firebrand who argued how hard but necessary it was for councils to conflict with Thatcher's government.

She was also thought to be extremely rich. When following the old cliche "get out of the kitchen it you can't stand the heat", Derek Hatton added "after all, your maids and cook can do the work anyway".

One person didn't laugh. ? I HAVE never been much convinced of the deterrent value of prison sentences, but I do understand how misleading it is when the media reports a prison sentence. The public tends to take in only the first longer figure announced, but after the discount for a guilty plea, weekend leave, good behaviour and licences, a medium sentence may seem so very short that some are saying prisoners are not so much released from prison as evicted.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 3, 2013
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