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Fight to save the universe.

Byline: By Douglas Young

Title: Brute Force

Format: Xbox

Publisher: Microsoft

Price: pounds 39.99

With a title that sounds like a 1980s action flick, Brute Force lands on Xbox as probably the best filler between Halo and its eagerly awaited sequel.

Not that Brute Force is the same type of game as Halo or that it can anyway give the player the same type of satisfaction.

Brute Force does however lend enough controls and game elements that it will be compared to probably the greatest Xbox release so far.

Playing one member of the aforementioned squad, Brute Force, you must take on the most dangerous enemies in the universe and unravel the evil plot that lurks within.

To do this you get to choose from a selection of four unique characters each of whom are introduced by fantastically animated cut scenes. First there's Tex, the standard gung-ho muscle-bound sarcastic hero whose special power is his berserker mode that allows him to use both his weapons at once. Then there's the alien Brutus, a fast but powerful lizard man whose special talent is his ability to heal.

Next up is Hawk, the red-haired beauty whose cloaking field allows her to sneak up on foes before dispatching them with her energy blade. And last but not least we have Flint, the cybernetic woman whose mechanical arms make her the deadliest sniper around.

With your squad now assembled you get to take on a series of 20 missions some of which are broken into multiple parts.

Now comes my only complaint about the game and that is the whole thing seems far too linear. Once your cut-scene mission briefing is over you are off on another jaunt that seems far too structured. You just seem to follow the path laid out for you and dispatch the increasingly dangerous creatures you come into contact with. That said, with controls similar to Halo and being able to pick up and switch weapons for those of fallen foes, this still can be quite enjoyable.

Add the ever changing scenery on each mission and some extremely impressive graphics and you have an enjoyable blastathon that may lack some originality but still leaves you satisfied.

The Look: 9/10

The Feel: 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10

DREAM TEAM -Brute Force members

ACTION PACKED - some explosive screenshots from Brute Force

HAVING A BLAST - Flint in action
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 11, 2003
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