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Fight for answers; Mailbag.

WITH regard to the story of father of one (Examiner September 30), I sympathise with him and his family over the HIV etc.

We have been there, seen it, done it. A few decades ago haemophiliacs spent a lot of time in various hospitals having blood transfusions, rest and other treatments, even being sent away to special schools for education, Fielden Hospital near Todmorden in our case.

Then the blood-clotting Factor 8 was discovered.

Being able to have it through home injections we thought it was the bees' knees of medicine, but not for long, a few years perhaps.

Then HIV and Aids as it was referred to in those days, gradually crept in, unexplained at first. This caused a lot of aggro with the hospitals because three members of our family were married with children, and theywere not tRold for about 18 months about their condition so could have had children. Also their wives could have been infected - again more aggro and bad feeling.

Back then in the 70s and 80s you had to know who your friends were otherwise you would be treated as if you'd done something dirty to get this condition. But no, you just had to be a haemophiliac or even a normal person unlucky to have a transfusion.

From 1985 to two years ago we had six members of our family, all haemophiliacs, affected by HIV. So easy to remember, one son, two nephews, three brothers, all at various times died, some lingered too in a coma for three days before dying.

They were all cheerful comedians in their way and referred to their ailment as the dreaded lurgy - then eventually they all died, and the light and laughter went out of our lives.

It was 14 years ago when our son died. The Examiner did a piece about it, changing names of course to protect our families. This piece was noticed by various councillors and MPs voiced how brave we were to bring this subject out in the open.

Yes, medication was screened and adjusted, but one big question - are they still importing this stuff ? Yes our boys were compensated, a mere pittance really, but we parents don't get anything for broken hearts or for loss of our loved ones. Best of luck Mr father-of-one with your fight for answers. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. All the best.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 6, 2010
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