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Fight against austerity; Views of the North.

ED Miliband appears to be succeeding in finishing the job, started over 20 years ago by John Smith and continued by Tony Blair, in breaking the link between Labour and the trade unions.

It's about time the unions woke up to the fact that they are the victims in an abusive relationship with Labour - it takes their money but gives nothing back, except blows. Labour spokespersons are clear that the party is committed nationally and locally to carry out cuts and more cuts to jobs and services that millions of people rely upon.

Witness locally, Labour councillors backing the closure of fire stations and the removal of fire tenders.

The list of Labour's betrayals are mamoth. The truth is the Labour Party long since ceased to be the party of 1945, of Atlee & Bevan and the formation of the welfare state, only the name remains the same.

Now it's just another establishment party, more concerned with the needs of the banksters who ruined the economy and their mates in the CBI, rather than the needs of the mass of people.

May will see the biggest electoral challenge from the left of Labour for nearly 70 years. The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition plans to stand in a minimum of 625 council seats.

It will be the only option at the election, with official trade union backing, opposing all the cuts and for an end to the austerity program of the four bosses parties (UKIP included).

There is an alternative both economically and electorally.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 13, 2014
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