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Figgie subsidiary Interstate Electronics receives FAA certification for GPS flight management system.

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 22, 1996--Interstate Electronics, a subsidiary of Figgie International (NASDAQ/NMS: FIGIA and FIGI), has received Federal Aviation Administration certification for its GPS (Global Positioning System) flight management system (FMS). The FAA issued Technical Supplemental Order (TSO) C-129 Class A1, which approves Interstate's GPS flight management system for use in en route, terminal, and non-precision approach navigation.

Sold as the model IEC 9002 FMS, the system is designed for aircraft which are not equipped with an FMS or are equipped with a long-range navigation system which does not meet the demands of current and future airspace standards. The IEC 9002 FMS can be installed in older model aircraft as well as in the newest all-digital cockpits.

According to Keith Howington, director of GPS Marketing, the IEC 9002 FMS can be upgraded to accept data from the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) as well as the Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS) when they are implemented. These systems will provide even greater navigation accuracies for pilots by relaying position corrections to aircraft via the satellite system.

"With the Omega navigation system scheduled to be decommissioned by the U.S. government beginning in September, 1997, GPS has become the mandated standard for navigation in the future. The IEC 9002 FMS provides aircraft operators an upgrade path to take advantage of future air navigation system and air traffic management requirements," says Howington.

Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Interstate Electronics Corporation was an early developer of GPS for the military, providing systems for test and training ranges and smart weapons guidance. In recent years, the company has been making a major investment in adapting the technology to commercial air transport applications. Interstate recorded 1995 revenues of $98.3 million.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 22, 1996
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