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Fifty-year War on Terrorism. (Insider Report).

According to an item in the December 31st-January 7th issue of Time, White House aides are preparing for a 50-year war on terrorism. Calling the approach "taking a long view," administration officials are already drawing parallels with the Cold War, a manufactured, hysteria-mongering "rumor of war" that America's ruling elite managed to drag out for nearly half a century. Because of the Cold War mindset, tens of thousands of Americans lost their lives in feckless, foreordained defeats like Korea and Vietnam. After all, the goal of Truman and other Cold War presidents was not to defeat but to "contain" -- that is, control -- the Communist enemy, and use the threat of nuclear annihilation to cudgel Americans into accepting a UN-brokered new world order. According to Time, Bush administration officials have begun perusing documents like Truman's NSC-68, one of the earliest plans for "containing" the Soviet threat.

The Bush administration treats terrorist states selectively by bombing some, like Afghanistan, and playing footsie with others, like Syria and Pakistan. Consequently, one suspects that the real aim of the "War on Terrorism" isn't to defeat but to "contain" global terrorism. In the long term this will mean, as with the Cold War, that the only interests served will be those of the globalist insiders and their toadies in Washington and the United Nations. Look for the internationalist elites to dangle the never-ending threat of terrorism over the heads of Americans; they intend to browbeat us into accepting bigger and more centralized government and to surrender our precious sovereignty to the United Nations and kindred international organizations.
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Publication:The New American
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Date:Jan 28, 2002
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