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Fifty for Fun.

Byline: Phil Brown

1 Which football club has just reached its first-ever Scottish Cup final?

2 Which golfer won the US Masters on Sunday by three shots from second-placed Tiger Woods?

3 By what name is Mrs Joanne Murray better known globally?

4 Which British actor is to play Star Trek character Scotty in the latest film of the franchise, due for release in 2009?

5 The Flight of the Wild Geese in 1691 saw a 14,000 troops of a defeated army leaving which country, to serve in the army of which other country?

6 Which 1982 film was Eddie Murphy's big screen debut?

7 Synchrotron technology has been used to reveal the vestigial legs in the fossil of a 92m-year-old snake ancestor, found in rocks in which country?

8 Which (very slightly) glaciated mountain less than a degree from the Equator is Africa's second-highest, after Kilimanjaro?

9 Port Jackson lies at the centre of which world city?

10 The widespread trees known as banyans - sacred in the Hindu faith - belong to which genus?

11 Newborn boy Ignatius Martin Upton is the third son for which Hollywood actress?

12 Who ran the fourth-fastest marathon in history to clinch his third London victory on Sunday?

13 Silvio Berlusconi has returned to power in Italy after victory in a general election; how many governments has Italy now had in the 63 years since the end of the Second World War?

14 "Now, what I want is, Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts." The opening line of which novel?

15 Which two Hollywood men have twice been nominated for best actor and best director Oscar in the same film?

16 Which European country this week celebrated the opening of its first-ever purpose-built opera house?

17 A Nasa probe recently excited scientists with a close-up view of Stickney Crater, a major feature of which Solar System body?

18 In which major European country has the re-elected prime minister made history by picking a Cabinet with a female majority?

19 Erdington, Ladywood and Perry Barr are Commons constituencies in which city?

20 Which comic-book Wild West character, many of whose adventures were written by Asterix author Rene Goscinny, could "shoot faster than his own shadow"?

21 Who won classic bike race Paris-Roubaix - nicknamed the Hell of the North - for the second time on Sunday?

22 Which month was sometimes called "thrimilce" by the Anglo-Saxons because cows could then be milked thrice daily?

23 On which big-selling Pink Floyd album are the tracks Run Like Hell, Waiting For The Worms and Comfortably Numb?

24 Which rock star has a co-writing credit for Dire Straits' hit Money For Nothing, though he insists he only contributed one line?

25 In which Bond film does singer Grace Jones play May Day?

26 Against which king of England did Eadric the Wild lead an unsuccessful rising from Shropshire?

27 In which decade did the UK adopt Double Summer Time - two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time - for several summers?

28 Which singer recorded the best-known version of the Larry Weiss song Rhinestone Cowboy in 1975?

29 For which TV SF series is J Michael Straczynski best known?

30 Which Swiss town and canton takes its name from a seventh-century Irish missionary monk who lived as a hermit there?

31 A Flemish giant is a variety of what kind of pet?

32 Which Alfred Hitchcock film used scenes devised by surrealist artist Salvador Dali, although most of his work on it was disliked and cut by producer David Selznick?

33 The great power wielded by medieval English nobleman Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, earned him what nickname?

34 West Friesian is an official language of which EU country?

35 Which musical instrument has a name meaning "wood voice" or "wooden sound" in Greek?

36 In the extremely long-lasting radioactive decay sequence used to date ancient rocks, uranium-238 eventually becomes a stable isotope of which element?

37 In which year was children's TV show Teletubbies first broadcast?

38 In Greek myth which major deity was married to Amphitrite?

39 Which novelist is credited with the cream cake slogan "naughty but nice" while working for an advertising agency in the 1970s?

40 From which plant is the food tofu made?

41 Tony Hutchinson is the only original character still appearing in which soap opera?

42 Which US president was assassinated be the anarchist Leon Czolgosz?

43 In which wine-growing nation is the Muscat d'Alexandrie grape known as Hanepoot?

44 Pistol, Rugby, Shallow and Mistress Quickly are all characters in which Shakespeare play?

45 Complete the title of the 1952 horror/comedy B movie Bela Lugosi Meets A... ?

46 Beetle Juice, Edward Scissorhands, Heathers; which actress?

47 Which composer wrote the opera The Queen Of Spades, with a libretto by his brother Modest?

48 What kind of creature is the gadwall, widespread in the northern hemisphere?

49 Lake Assal, whose surface is more than 500 feet below sea level, is the lowest point in Africa and often reckoned the world's saltiest body of water, 10 times saltier than the oceans. In which country is it?

50 Leona Lewis has just become the first British solo artist ever to go straight to No 1 in the US album chart; what is the album called?


1 Queen of the South; 2 Trevor Immelman; 3 (Harry otter author) JK Rowling; 4 Simon Pegg; 5 Ireland, to serve France; 6 The film 48 Hours; 7 Lebanon; 8 Mount Kenya; 9 Sydney; 10 Ficus (fig); 11 Cate Blanchett; 12 Martin Lel; 13 Sixty-three; 14 15 Clint Eastwood and Warren Beatty (Unforgiven/Million Dollar Baby; Heaven Can Wait/Reds); 16 Norway; 17 (Martian moon) Phobos; 18 Spain; 19 Birmingham; 20 Lucky Luke; 21 Tom Boonen; 22 May; 23 The Wall; 24 Sting; 25 A View To A Kill; 26 William the Conqueror; 27 The 1940s; 28 Glen Campbell; 29 Babylon 5; 30 St Gallen; 31 Rabbit; 32 Spellbound; 33 The Kingmaker; 34 The Netherlands; 35 The xylophone; 36 Lead (lead-206); 37 In 1997; 38 Poseidon; 39 Salman Rushdie; 40 The soybean; 41 Hollyoaks; 42 William McKinley; 43 South Africa; 44 The Merry Wives Of Windsor; 45 Brooklyn Gorilla; 46 Winona Ryder; 47 Tchaikovsky; 48 A bird (duck); 49 Djibouti; 50 Spirit.


QUEST 50: Leona Lewis
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