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Fifty for Fun; BREAKTIME.

Byline: Phil Brown

1: Which veteran golfer did Tiger Woods beat to claim the 2008 US Open title - and which British golfer missed the playoff to finish third?

2: Which legend of big-screen musicals died this week aged 87?

3: Which team scored nine goals in their three group matches in the ongoing Euro 2008 football championship?

4: Which singer spent more than half of 1953 at the top of the UK singles charts?

5: Who won best album at the Mojo awards?

6: Which pop star will support Madonna in her European tour this summer?

7: English-German singer Natalie Horler is the lead singer for which popular Eurodance/trance group?

8: Which rare metal in a thin worldwide layer of clay supports the theory that a meteorite or asteroid impact led to the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago?

9: Which still-running BBC sitcom was first seen in a Comedy Playhouse episode in January 1973?

10: Keen sportsman Alfred Shaw was buried 27 yards from his friend Arthur Shrewsbury in 1907: why?

11: Which cyclist won the seven-stage Dauphine Libere, that finished in Grenoble?

12: The Academie francaise, the semi-official body of 40 so-called "Immortals" guarding the French language, was founded in which year (20 either way)?

13: Who was the first Prime Minister of the UK's National Government in 1931?

14: Which English county was Maria Branwell, mother of the Bronte sisters from?

15: Which famous director divroced his silent film writer Thea von Harbou after she joined the Nazi party in the early 1930s?

16: Which well-known European writer's surname is allegedly an acronym of a Latin phrase meaning "heaven's gift", given to his foundling grandfather?

17: Which former Soviet state this week infuriated Russia by banning the display of Nazi and Soviet symbols?

18: Which Welsh 400m hurdler will miss the Olympics in Beijing after suffering a stress fracture in his foot during a 200m race?

19: A 17-metre-long cross-section of an old tree made by artist Tania Kovats is to be displayed in the Natural History Museum in London in honour of whom?

20: Which man with a name better known in aviation was the co-founder of Pacific Aero Products Co in 1916?

21: In rugby union, which English player scored two tries in the 37-20 defeat to New Zealand on Saturday?

22: How many teams will there be in rugby league's Super League next season after its expansion?

23: Who is the only player to have scored six tries in a single rugby league Super League match?

24: Which international sport was developed by Clara Baer in 1895?

25: Imladris is a key location in Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings - by what name is it more often referred to in that book?

26: Which well-known river, the world's lowest, rises on the slopes of Mount Hermon?

27: Vic Feather was frequently in the headlines in the early 1970s as leader of which organisation?

28: In which year did an Anglo-Dutch fleet prevent a French invasion of England with decisive victories off Barfleur and La Hogue?

29: For what offence were gangsters the Kray Twins held in the Tower of London in 1952, among the last prisoners held there?

30: Mythical lovers Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl gave their names to volcanoes in which country?

31: My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts is an influential 1981 album from which two musicians?

32: Tarsus, the birthplace of St Paul, is a city in which modern country?

33: The Bartlett or Cayman Trough, almost five miles below the surface, is the deepest point of which sea?

34: Who played "Lucky Jim" in the 1957 film adaptation of the Kingsley Amis novel?

35: Who is the Roman equivalent of Greek grain and fertility goddess Demeter?

36: To the nearest thousand light years, how far is our Sun currently thought to be from the centre of our galaxy?

37: In the human body, what is the main product of the parotid gland?

38: In which year was the Solidarnosc - Solidarity - trade union founded in Poland in defiance of the Communist authorities?

39: Which bird was shown on the reverse of British farthing coins for the last two decades of their minting, up to 1956?

40: What were the Guarneri family of Cremona famous for making in the 17th and 18th centuries?

41: Fantastic Variations On A Theme Of Knightly Character is the subtitle of which Richard Strauss composition based on a great novel?

42: Which long-popular concentrated fruit drink brand, developed in the 1930s by the Long Ashton Research Station near Bristol, takes its name from a shortening of the scientific name of the fruit?

43: Which actor connects The Wild One, Bad Day At Black Rock and Donovan's Reef?

44: Which film's soundtrack included no few than four songs that topped the UK singles chart in 1963?

45: Which British artist coined the term "Post-Impressionism" for an exhibition of works by painters including Cezanne, Van Gogh and Gauguin that he put on in London in 1910?

46: Which nut-like fruit is the confection marzipan based on?

47: Which actress has agreed to play Maid Marian in a new Robin Hood film also starring Russell Crowe as the Sheriff?

48: In which country is the Preakness Stak run since 1873, a major horse race?

49: Which English word for a conference shares the name of a work by Plato and in the original Greek has a meaning of "drinking party"?

50: Moroccan-descended English singer Amelle Berrabah has been in which leading pop group since 2005?


1. Rocco Mediate; Lee Westwood; 2 Cyd Charisse; 3 The Netherlands; 4 Frankie Laine; 5 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; 6 Robyn; 7 Cascada; 8 Iridium; 9 Last Of The Summer Wine; 10 They were cricketers: 22 yards for the pitch, five for Shaw's bowling run-up; 11 Alejandro Valverde; 12 In 1635 (by Cardinal Richelieu); 13 Ramsay MacDonald; 14 Cornwall; 15 Fritz Lang (of Metropolis fame);16 Umberto Eco's (Ex Caelis Oblatus); 17 Lithuania; 18 Rhys Williams; 19 Charles Darwin; 20 William Boeing; 21 Topsy Ojo; 22 Fourteen; 23 Lesley Vainikolo (for Bradford against Hull in 2005); 24 Netball;James Naismith); 25 Rivendell; 26 The Jordan; 27 The TUC; 28 In 1692; 29 Avoiding National Service; 30 Mexico; 31 David Byrne and Brian Eno; 32 Turkey; 33 The Caribbean; 34 Ian Carmichael; 35 Ceres; 36 Twenty-six thousand light years; 37 Saliva; 38 In 1980; 39 A wren; 40 Violins; 41 Don Quixote; 42 Ribena (the blackcurrant is Ribes nigrum); 43 Lee Marvin; 44 Summer Holiday; 45 Roger Fry; 46 The almond; 47 Sienna Miller; 48 The US; 49 Symposium; 50 The Sugababes.


RUSSELL CROWE: question 47
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