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Fifty for Fun; BREAKTIME.

Byline: Phil Brown

1 Which player did Ronnie O'Sullivan beat in the final to claim his third snooker world title on Monday?

2 Who appeared in her old cheerleader's uniform in the video for a big 1982 hit single - but with the actual year on it, 1961, replaced by 1981?

3 In aeronautics, what is JATO an acronym for?

4 Which major US river no longer reaches the sea much of the year, as so much of its water is diverted to irrigate the farms of the Salton Sink?

5 Which alternative rocker had his first big hit with Loser in 1994?

6 Which Jamaican sprinter has just run the second-fastest 100 metres ever, at 9.76 seconds?

7 In which sport, due to be dropped from the Olympics after this year, will Great Britain not be fielding a team in Beijing after UK Sport refused to give them pounds 40,000 to attend the final qualifying tournament in Taiwan?

8 What kind of animals have recently been discovered by scientists as the first known to communicate using ultra-violet B (UVB) light?

9 Although the Cinque Ports were supposed to protect England's coastline, in the Middle Ages their power was often used less than patriotically: in one particularly notorious incident, which major English port lost 15 ships in an attack by a Winchelsea fleet in 1321?

10 What is the common name for gem-quality forsterite olivine, also known as "poor man's emerald"?

11 Who directed the 1987 Kim Basinger/Bruce Willis film Blind Date?

12 Which actor connects films The Odd Couple, Hello Dolly! and The Taking Of Pelham 123?

13 Which US vice president resigned in 1973 and pleaded "no contest" to criminal charges of tax evasion?

14 The 1938 painting Manchester City vs Sheffield United is expected to fetch a very large sum at auction next month - which artist is it by?

15 In which country has a big surprise eruption by the centuries-dormant Chaiten volcano seen nearby towns evacuated?

16 Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant co-starred in which romantic comedy of 2002?

17 Which country has just, rather belatedly, made private ownership of home computers legal (though without Internet access)?

18 Which two large US states this week saw crucial votes in the battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to be Democratic presidential candidate?

19 Which electronics company has just announced a breakthrough in the development of "memristors" or memory resistors, offering major potential advances in computing speed, that were first proposed in 1971?

20 Which state lying between Cameroon and Gabon is the least-populated UN member of continental Africa, with a population of just over half a million?

21 Viti Levu is the largest island of which Pacific state?

22 Which 1970s Western TV series with stars including James Arness and Bruce Boxleitner focused on the Macahan family?

23 Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer are key characters in the first novel (chronologically speaking) of which fictional realm?

24 Love To Love You Baby, in 1976, was whose first UK hit?

25 What was the name of the chart-topping debut album by the Rolling Stones?

26 The 1954 Nobel prize winner for physics, Max Born, was the grandfather of which leading 1970s pop singer?

27 The Dickens novel famously unfinished at the time of his death was The Mystery Of...?

28 Which two comedians who frequently work together made early joint appearances as 20th Century Coyote and The Dangerous Brothers?

29 US politician Al Gore is the only living person to have both an Oscar and a Nobel prize - but he is not the first person to be doubly honoured in this way. Who was?

30 Les Fleurs Du Mal (The Flowers Of Evil) was the most famous work by which 19th century French writer?

31 In the original practice of "ostracism", which ancient power's inhabitants voted on whether to expel one of their number from their city for 10 years?

32 Which cartoonist was responsible for The Fosdyke Saga, a long-running spoof of The Forsyte Saga?

33 Which football club recently retained the women's FA Cup, beating Leeds United 4-1 in the final?

34 Which football club finished 15 points clear at the top of the Blue Square Premier League, thus clinching this year's automatic promotion spot to the Football League?

35 Which Irish golfer won the Spanish Open on Sunday on the second play-off hole?

36 Which famous motorbike rider clinched his first win of the 2008 season at the weekend with victory in the China MotoGP?

37 Christophe Lemaire rode which horse to victory in this year's 1,000 Guineas at Newmarket?

38 Which ancient mathematician and philosopher is generally credited with developing the idea of "the music of the spheres"?

39 Only three lakes in the world are home to freshwater seals - Baikal and Ladoga in Russia, and Saimaa, the largest lake in which other country?

40 Which constellation is sometimes known as the Northern Cross?

41 Which footballer captained England a record 90 times (out of 105 caps)?

42 What nationality was jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt?

43 In which century was the Thracian gladiator Spartacus a leader of the third and biggest of the "Servile Wars" or slave uprisings against the Roman Empire?

44 Urtica dioica is the scientific name of which common flowering plant with a well-known defensive mechanism?

45 Which actor played Grandad Trotter in early series of the comedy show Only Fools And Horses?

46 Which male tennis player won calendar year Grand Slams as an amateur in 1962 and as a professional in 1969?

47 Which leading 18th century novelist was a ship's surgeon and then had a medical practice in Downing Street, Westminster, before rising to literary fame?

48 Which city, a former host of the Winter Olympics, is capital of Japan's second-largest island, Hokkaido?

49 What was the first name of Walt Disney' older brother, co-founder of the Disney company who served as its effective chief executive officer for more than four decades?

50 Emma Rigby has just won the best actress award at the British Soap Awards, for her portrayal of Hannah Ashworth in which soap?


1 Ali Carter; 2 Toni Basil; 3 Jet-Assisted Take-Off; 4: The Colorado; 5 Beck; 6 Usain Bolt; 7 Baseball; 8 umping) spiders; 9 Southampton; 10 Peridot; 11 Blake Edwards; 12 Walter Matthau; 13 Spiro Agnew; 14 LS Lowry; 15 Chile; 16 Two Weeks Notice; 17 Cuba; 18 Indiana and North Carolina; 19 Hewlett Packard; 20 Equatorial Guinea; 21 Fiji; 22 How The West Was Won; 23 Narnia (the novel is The Magician's Nephew, set first but published sixth); 24 Donna Summer's; 25 The Rolling Stones; 26 Olivia Newton-John; 27 Edwin Drood; 28 Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson; 29 The writer George Bernard Shaw (Nobel literature prize, Oscar for adapted screenplay for Pygmalion); 30 Charles Baudelaire; 31 Athens; 32 Bill Tidy; 33 Arsenal; 34 Aldershot; 35 Peter Lawrie; 36 Valentino Rossi; 37 Natagora; 38 Pythagoras; 39 Finland; 40 Cygnus (the Swan); 41 Billy Wright; 42 Belgian; 43 The first century BC (73 to 71BC); 44 The stinging nettle; 45 Lennard earce; 46 Rod Laver; 47 Tobias Smollett; 48 Sapporo; 49 Roy; 50 Hollyoaks.


EMMA RIGBY: question 50
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