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Fifty Shades of Grey Update:Eloise Mumford Calls Erotic Flick Tasteful & Artistic.

Playing Anastasia Steele's roommate Kate Kavanaugh in "Fifty Shades of Grey," Eloise Mumford recently revealed some juicy details about the highly anticipated erotic flick at the premiere of her movie, "Drones." Set to be released on Valentine's Day 2015, the actress praised her director Sam Taylor-Johnson and cinematographer Seamus Garbey, telling fans that the movie is "tasteful and artistic."

"She's such a great director," Mumford told ( E! News during an interview while promoting her action flick. "I knew right away it would be tasteful and artistic. And the cinematographer is Seamus McGarvey. He did Anna Karenina. It's going to be beautiful."

"In the end, the story really is a romance and a love story so it's about that more than anything," she added as tried to stay mum on specific details. "I wish I could, but as you know, we've all been sworn to secrecy."

Best known for her roles in the Fox series, "Love Star," and the ABC show, "The River," Mumford plays Sue Lawson in "Drones," a newly hired military lieutenant assigned to take out a terrorist with a drone. A movie that revolves around the controversial topic of drone warfare, the actress revealed that she is incredibly proud of playing a role in controversial movies, "Fifty Shades" and "Drones."

"For "Drones," I think that it's a subject that's in the news a lot, but talking to people in your daily life, nobody really brings up drone warfare," she said in an interview with ( Examiner . "As far as "Fifty Shades" goes, once again, it's so exciting to be a part of something that people are incredibly excited about. I don't know; I always try to do projects that are controversial in some way, and that's the most exciting part of art."

Mumford's co-stars Dakota Johnson and Rita Ora crossed paths over the weekend at UK's ( Glastonbury Festival , joining other celebrities in the three-day music and fun. Playing Christian Grey's sister, the British singer described the get-together as "( Reunion with my ladies ." Posing for a fun snap with Stella McCartney, the two "Fifty Shades" stars joined the celebrity revelers at a wet and muddy Worthy Farm.
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Date:Jul 2, 2014
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