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Fieseler Storch in Action.

Fieseler Storch In Action

Jerry L. Campbell, Don Greer, David Gebhardt

Squadron/Signal Publications

1115 Crowley Drive, Carrollton, TX 75011-5010

0897474937 $11.98 1-800-527-7427

Number 198 in the outstanding Squadron/Signal Publications military aircraft series, Fieseler Storch In Action by Jerry L. Campbell showcases the slow-flying Fi 156 Storch which was designed by Gerhard Fieseler and Reinhard Mewes as a short takeoff and landing aircraft and was a very popular such model in the Germany military and governmental airforce during World War II. The Fi 156 Storch got its name from its stalky, long-stroke undercarriage and steel-spring, oil-damping shock absorbers in a reverse pyramid handing from the fuselage. Powered by an eight-cylinder inverted-vee air-cooled Arug As 10C engine providing 240 horsepower at take-off and turning, this fixed wing, fixed landing gear aircraft was versatile and saw a number of them passed along to Germany's Bulgarian, Croatian, Finish, Hungarian, Italian, Rumanian, and Slovakian allies fighting along side German forces on the Eastern Front. It should be noted that there are no reported incidents of the F1 156 Storch flying night harassment missions over the front lines on the Eastern Front. As with all of these Squadron/Signal titles, there is a profusion of historical photographs and line drawings providing the reader with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of this remarkable aircraft. Also very highly recommended for military buffs and aviation history enthusiasts are two more new releases from Squadron/Signal: F-102 Delta Dart In Action (#1199) and MiG-15 Walk Around (#5540).
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