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Fiery numbers.


Fiery Numbers

In "Wildfire Squasher" (p. 18), you learned that wildfire management is no easy task. To understand the extent of wildfire destruction, experts keep track of the number of blazes and the total area burned each year in the U.S. Below is a chart showing the data for five select years. Use the information in the chart to complete the sections that follow.

A. Graph It

On a separate piece of paper, construct a double bar graph. Use the above data to show the number of wildfires, along with the number of acres burned, between 2001 and 2005. Hint: Use one x-axis and two y-axes--one on each side of the graph. Have one represent the number of fires and the other represent the acres burned. Also, use two different color pencils: one for the number of wildfires and one for the acres burned.

B. Analyze the Data

Study the data table and your graph to answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. Of the five years shown on the chart, in which year did the most fire damage occur? How many acres were burned that year?

2. Compare data for the years 2002 and 2005. Which year had more wildfires? By how many more? Then compare the number of acres burned during each of those years. In which year did more acres burn? By how many more?

3. What is the average number of acres burned each year between 2001 and 2005?

4. In the year 2004, it cost government agencies almost $900 million to suppress wildfires. Using that estimate, roughly how much did it cost to suppress wildfires for each acre of land burned that year? (Round amount to the nearest dollar.)

Take It Further:

How many wildland fires have occurred in your state so far this year? To find out, go to: Then create a bar graph comparing the number of wildfires in your home state with that of four other states.


1. The year 2005 experienced the most fire damage. That year, 8,686,753 acres were burned by wildfires.

2. In a comparison of data for the years 2002 and 2005: There were 21,906 more wildfires in 2002 But 1,749,169 more acres were burned in 2005.

3. The average number of acres burned each year between 2001 and 2005 was 6.177,651 acres.

4. It cost approximately $133 to suppress one acre of wildfire in 2004.
Number of Wildfires in the U.S.
and the Acres They Burned (by Year)

Year Number of Wildfires Acres Burned

2005 66,552 8,686,753
2004 77,534 6,790,692
2003 85,943 4,918,088
2002 88,458 6,937,584
2001 84,079 3,555,138

SOURCE: National Interagency Fire Center
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