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THESE EERILY TRANSLUCENT WIRE-SCREEN MASKS give the spooky illusion that two faces are peering at you at once. While your eyes focus on the painted or decorated features on the screen's surface, you also see through to the wearer's face.

Each mask starts as an oval cut from hardware cloth screening, which has an 1/8-inch grid made of 27-gauge wire. (A 36-inch-wide roll costs about $2.25 per foot.) Check at several building supply stores to find the most pliable hardware cloth (some seems stiff). It should be supple enough to bend by hand but sturdy enough to hold its shape.

Following the steps below, cut out and form a mask to fit your face. To create three-dimensional features, you'll need wire cutters, a tack hammer or small ball peen hammer, and a scrap of 1-by-8. Use colored masking tape to cover raw edges and add details. To give shapes more definition, weave pipe cleaners and yarn through the screen or apply contact paper. Use a foam brush to lightly daub paint onto screen.
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Date:Oct 1, 1991
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