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Fields of honor for American fallen.

Panama and Mexico

Not every American interred overseas died in combat during the great World Wars. In Corozal, Republic of Panama, and Mexico City, veterans and citizens of noteworthy sacrifices are interred.


For approximately 5,320 American veterans and others who contributed to the construction, operation and maintenance of the Panama Canal, Corozal American Cemetery is their final resting place.

A small memorial feature sits atop a knoll overlooking the 15 acres of graves belonging to those whose sacrifices played a vital role in the nation's defense and economy.

Mexico City

The bones of approximately 750 unknown American veterans who died during the Mexican War and 813 others are interred at the Mexico City National Cemetery at Colonia San Rafael, Mexico City.

Established in 1851 by Congress, this small one-acre cemetery honors the fallen men who paid the ultimate sacrifice which led to the gain of the present Southwest from Texas to California.
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