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Field-test Participants Provide Invaluable Input.

ACA extends a most sincere thank-you to the following camps who participated in the field test for the ACA research study on youth development outcomes of the camp experience. These camps contacted families for their permission to participate in the study, trained their staff to implement the study, provided information on camp program and structure, and provided invaluable input to the ACA survey process.

Gratitude is extended to:

* Camp Chief Ouray, Colorado, Tureman Hoffmeister

* Camp Joy, Ohio, Mike McGinty

* Camp Mont Shenandoah, Virginia, Ann and Jay Batley

* Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, California, Brian Crater

* Camp Tall Turf, Michigan, Jack Kooyman

* Camp Tecurnseh Day Camp, Indiana, Jason Sims

* Camp Thunderbird, Missouri, Allen Sigoloff

* CityLife, California, Jacki Breger

* CYO Camp Christopher, Ohio, Rich Garbinsky

* Flat Rock River YMCA, Indiana, Greg Huff, Will Longstreet

* Hidden Villa Summer Camp, California, Leticia Gonzalez

* NeSoDak Bible Camp, South Dakota, Kari Sorensen

* Pilgrim Pines Camp, California, Mickey Stone

* Pine Hill Day Camp, Alabama, Frank Price

* Rocky Brook Day Camp, New York, Joyce Malone

* Seacamp, Florida, Grace Upshaw and Catherine Mazzey

* Tanadoona Camp, Minnesota, Lori Johnson

* Trail Blazers, New York, Pam Gregory

* Westminster Highlands Camp, Pennsylvania, Tod Eckstein

* WOW Camp West, Kentucky, Mark and Colleen Anderson

* YMCA Camp Huckins, New Hampshire, Judy Snell

ACA plans to conduct this study during the summer of 2002 and will be randomly selecting camps from representative groups of ACA camps. More information will be provided in the next issue of Inside ACA.
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