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Field leaders. named Technology Pacesetter, Bedford, an application service provider for mid-size businesses, has been named a Technology Pacesetter by the editors of Accounting Today. This is the third consecutive year the company has received this recognition by the publication.

Pacesetters were chosen based on recognition by peers as leaders in the field, attainment of positions of prominence in the profession, proven records as innovators and top performers in revenue generation. Technology Pacesetter candidates were identified by canvassing top software vendors, reviewing leading professional associations and from Accounting Today's staff's in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry.

"Our goal is to simplify technology for our customers and partners," said Dan Taylor, CEO. "By building and managing e-business technologies from a secure and reliable data center, we allow our customers and partners to focus less on technology and more on their core business competencies."
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Publication:New Hampshire Business Review
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Date:Dec 29, 2000
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