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Field emission microscope with high diffraction acceptance angle.

Booth 3308. Tecnai 200 kV field emission microscopes are for multi-user laboratories of any type. The Tecnai [G.sup.2] series enables fundamental research in materials science and nanotechnology. Ensuring high-quality images, they are designed to facilitate the work of every microscope user. The series also offers a high level of automation and intelligence without limiting the full control that experienced users may want. The Tecnai [G.sup.2] F20 S-TWIN is for applications such as EDS, STEM and 3D-imaging using tomography. The system features a high diffraction acceptance angle, which makes it suitable for weak beam, tilting and other analytical experiments. Its high imaging performance and analytical capability using the Schottky FEG electron source make it a versatile instrument for most research labs. FEI Company, 503-726-7500

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Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Feb 1, 2005
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