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Field control therapy and successful treatment of a variety of brain disorders.

While the above quote says it all about the direct relationship between our quality of life and function of the brain, the sad fact of modern life is that the human brain is rapidly becoming an endangered species. Epidemics of autism and ADHD, Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis, depression and anxiety, bipolar and OCD, insomnia and migraines, drug addictions and suicide, all support this tenet and one of the serious deficiencies in its prevailing treatments. The main reasons for the failure of treatments is that these attempt to correct brain chemistry gone astray, dopamine, serotonin, or other, while being unable to address the more important primary sources of these chemical imbalances. These are the corresponding brain zones and their true causes of abnormal functioning. In the process, such neurotransmitter or other balancing treatments not only treat virtual shadows of disease, instead of its very root cause, but also lead to loss of valuable time and allow these causes to continue inflicting deeper brain damage. The end result, as our sad statistics confirm, are these epidemics and also "wonder drugs" causing chemical dependency, drug addiction, and even suicides.

The Field Control Therapy (FCT) approach presented here is based on a different area of neuroscience that focuses on the primary regulatory structures of the brain and how to enter and collect the necessary information directly from these and other internal organs, via bioresonance testing. The latter overcomes the major stumbling block in chronic diseases, which is the inability of all laboratory and imaging testing to identify the direct causes of diseases of the internal organs. The treatment is homeopathic, involving a proper combination of isodes, or energetic copies of toxic substances and infectious agents, as well as sarcodes, or energetic copies of the internal organs.

Since one picture indeed is worth 1000 words, presented below is the medical picture of patients themselves who have been treated with FCT.

Patient S. G.

Man in his 60s with a lifelong history of bipolar disorder, which necessitated 15 hospitalizations. He is a former user of marijuana and LSD. Mental and physical fatigue, brain fog, and insomnia were other complaints. Certain foods, computer, any stress and especially undertaking projects would produce mental problems, particularly mania with nonstop talking and complete sleeplessness. Past treatments by an alternative psychiatrist did not help.

Bioresonance testing findings over the course of the treatment. Silver amalgam, mercury, lead, residues of marijuana, LSD, and antibiotics; parasitic and yeast infections, EMF radiation, all affecting the brain directly or indirectly.

FCT homeopathic treatment and addressing EMF problems. He received the corresponding homeopathic sarcodes of the affected areas of the brain and other organs, and of the causative agents responsible. Also, several classical constitutional homeopathic remedies for deep-seated genetic predisposition, Lachesis, Sulphur, and Argentum nitricum. He also acquired very effective protective Memon technology to reduce pathological effects of EMF radiation from his house, car, cell phone, and computer on his brain and body.

Outcome. Bipolar disorder, fatigue, brain fog, and chronic insomnia are long gone. Being a very dutiful person, he gets occasionally distraught with some imposed responsibilities. For this he has recently received another homeopathic remedy.

Patient J. L.

"I think I would die from this," stated a middle-aged woman at her first visit, referring to her 24/7 anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, for 6 years. Fatigue and malfunctioning thyroid were other problems. Her prior alternative treatments had failed.

Bioresonance testing findings over the course of the treatment. Mercury, lead, Lyme, yeast and parasitic infections, EMF all affecting her brain limbic zone, which handles emotions, and also hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, and immune and gastrointestinal systems.

FCT homeopathic treatment and addressing EMF problems. She received the corresponding homeopathic sarcodes of the affected areas of the brain, and other organs, and of the causative agents responsible. She also acquired Memon technology in order to reduce the multiple pathological effects of EMF stress. It is of interest that when, at the earlier stage of her treatment, she started suddenly experiencing a return of palpitations and anxiety in her house, she intuitively checked her circuit breaker box with the Memon device. It so happened that it had been removed by an electrician shortly before. After she reinstalled it, her symptoms promptly subsided.

Outcome. A happy and energetic woman.

Patient R. K.

Man in his late 20s with depression, panic attacks, poor memory, insomnia, and brain fog for some dozen years. He had received numerous psychotropic drugs without success and was still consuming a few.

Bioresonance testing findings over the course of the treatment. Mercury, worms, Lyme disease, candidiasis, viral infection, and EMFs all having multisystemic effects, including his limbic zone and frontal lobe, which handles memory and clear thinking.

FCT homeopathic treatment and addressing EMF problem. He received the corresponding homeopathic sarcodes and isodes of the affected areas of the brain and other organs, and of the causative agents responsible. He also acquired Memon technology to reduce the multiple pathological effects of EMF radiation and its blocking impact on the treatment.

Outcome. After 7 treatments and being off psychotropic drugs for 4 months, he reported being free of all of his brain-related problems for the first time in 12 years.

Patient N. D.

A patient in his 60s suffered from chronic depression, SAD, and early-stage Lou Gehrig's disease. Computer use worsened his depression and neurological symptoms.

Bioresonance testing findings over the course of the treatment. Mercury and other toxic metals, Lyme disease, and EMFs were all affecting his brain, peripheral nervous system, and other systems.

FCT homeopathic treatment and addressing EMF problem. He received the corresponding homeopathic sarcodes of the affected areas of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and other systems, and of the causative agents responsible. He also installed Memon technology in his house, office, car and computer in order to negate destructive effects of EMF radiation.

Outcome. Depression and SAD resolved to where he no longer needs his former mandatory spring breaks. Also, his neurologist removed the diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease.

Patient C. J.

A 9-year-old girl was referred to a psychiatrist for psychotropic medications because of the girl's restlessness, OCD, and unpredictable tantrums with aggression and depression. All of these were intensifying, in spite of therapy. Insomnia was another problem.

Bioresonance testing findings over the course of the treatment. Streptococcus A, worms and Lyme infections, mercury affecting her limbic zone, and EMFs affecting the pineal gland, which regulates sleep.

FCT homeopathic treatment and addressing EMF problems. She received remedies for her afflicted limbic zone and its causative agents. Memon was installed in the house to reduce EMF stress.

Outcome. She was completely cured in only two treatments; her mother described her daughter's response to the treatment as "huge and dramatic" and "she is just normal." Of note, C. J. was treated with antibiotics for Lyme disease at age 2 and was assumed, as it commonly is, to have recovered from it. While it is possible that she became reinfected with Lyme following antibiotics, I have never encountered, even among the few positive responders to pharmaceutical Lyme treatments, like her, anyone who has completely recovered from Lyme disease.


While the presented morbid findings such as mercury, candidiasis, parasites, or EMFs and others related to brain pathologies of these patients are not new, there are certain notable advantages in the ways that these have been addressed by this approach:

* the highly sensitive diagnosis via special bioresonance testing that can detect the causative agents and malfunctioned organs, before and after any treatments;

* their effective homeopathic treatment and, in the case of EMFs, effective protective devices;

* the safety of the treatment, which accounts for a high potential for an uncontrolled redistribution of mercury and other toxic metals in the body, during any detoxifying treatments.

One cannot overemphasize the importance of properly addressing EMF radiation, as this acts as the major blocking force in detoxification, immune resistance, and other vital functions.

Savely Yurkovsky, MD, graduated from II Moscow State Medical Institute in 1975 with a degree in pediatric medicine. He completed his training in internal medicine and cardiology at Coney Island Hospital of Downstate Medical School, and is board certified in internal medicine. He has been in private practice since 1984 with a special focus on identifying and successfully treating the main causes of chronic diseases via bioenergetic modalities--bioresonance testing and homeopathy, correspondingly, or FCT.

Men ought to know that from the brain, and from the brain only, arise our pleasures, joys, laughter, as well as our sorrows, pains, griefs and tears. Through it, we think, see, hear, and distinguish the ugly from the beautiful, the bad from the good, the pleasant from the unpleasant. ...The same thing makes us mad or delirious, dreadful and fearful, whether by night or by day, brings sleeplessness, inopportune mistakes, aimless anxieties, absent-mindedness. These things that we suffer all come from the brain, when it is not healthy ... and the tongue speaks in accordance with the things seen and heard on any occasion. But when the brain is still, a man can think properly.


Dr. Yurkovsky has founded a teaching organization, SYY Integrated Health Systems Ltd., dedicated to training in FCT. It has been presented extensively in the US and Europe to medical practitioners since 1999 and demonstrated numerous documented reversals in a variety of chronic diseases.

His book, Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Warfare Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones: The Power of Digital Medicine, was endorsed for scientific validity by two prominent physicists: MIT Professor George Pugh, PhD, and former chairman of materials science at Stanford University, Professor William Tiller, PhD, and also by Mehmet Oz, MD, from Columbia University Medical School. Its diagnostic and homeopathic aspects were also presented at the annual BTR (bioterrorism) conference in 2005: Unified Science & Technology for Reducing Biological Threats & Countering Terrorism, affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security and the US Army, as well as at the Department of Psychiatry of Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and many other professional symposia.

In collaboration with the Department of Gastroenterology of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, he has contributed a chapter on homeopathy to the textbook Integrative Gastroenterology (Oxford University Press, 2011) and authored numerous articles on different medical topics.

Dr. Yurkovsky's seminars on DVDs, devoted to autism, other brain disorders, and Lyme disease, serve as a virtual step- by-step textbook classic explaining the fundamental nature of all chronic diseases (available at His book in progress explains the inevitability of the current epidemics of autism and numerous other brain and somatic diseases and how to solve them. Contacts for health practitioners training can be made through information provided in the FCT ad on page 85.
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