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Field control servoamplifier: DSP-driven unit produces higher torque, speed and efficiency. (Five Star Product of the Month).

Installing a motor into a system is only half of the equation when it comes to applications that require a well-tuned operation envelope. Otherwise, designers could merely pirate motors from old washing machines to drive everything and save major costs.

The Accelus servoamplifier takes a large stride in the driving of linear and rotary brushless servomotors as used in semiconductor fabrication, medical electronics, assembly equipment, materials handling and packaging automation. Engineers and designers at Copley Controls, Canton, MA, who created the Accelus, began with a fast digital signal processor that constantly senses the electrical relationship between a motor's rotor and stator. The DSP then sets to work adjusting coil currents to maintain a 90-degree angular displacement of the magnetic fields of the rotor and stator, thus creating the maximum theoretical motor torque at all times. Based on sinusoidal commutation, motor drive power is developed within a MOSFET power bridge circuit, which contours the output for each motor coil. This field-oriented control can provide an estimated 20% higher torque at any motor speed for a given supply voltage.

Because a lower drive current can produce the desired motor torque, amplifier and motor heating are reduced, with an increase in system reliability. In many cases, the Accelus drive and the motor it is governing can be simply convection cooled. Additionally, many systems using the Accelus servoamplifier can employ a smaller motor -- an important consideration where space is a design constraint. And the amplifier's single-board, plug-in design further supports installations in restricted-volume areas.

The Accelus servoamplifier is designed for use with the company's Motion Explorer 2 software. An Auto Phasing algorithm commissions all elements in the system -- amplifier, motor, Hall sensor and encoder -- and phases them together with a mouse click. The current loop is automatically tuned and a heat-monitoring algorithm allows the motor to operate safely at the edge of its performance envelope.

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Author:Mandel, Richard
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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