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Field Guide to Insects of North America.


The overwhelming number and variety of insects are often underappreciated. The pesky fly found buzzing around a picnic table could be one of 16,000 kinds of flies found on the North American continent alone. Identifying the thousands of insects, from beetles to ants to sphinx moths, is a daunting task. In this guide, Kaufman and Eaton present information on the insects most commonly found in Canada and the United States. In the introduction, the authors provide an overview of insect reproduction and development, describing insect metamorphosis, anatomy, nomenclature, and classification. A pictorial table of contents helps readers quickly identify the category of an observed insect, which is detailed in a subsequent chapter. Each of these includes a one-page summary of insects' common names, genera, species, physical traits, common locations, and behaviors. Houghton Mifflin, 2007, 392 p., color images, paperback, $18.95.
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Date:Apr 28, 2007
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