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Fidelity's OPserver, Inc. and OCE Printing Systems USA, Inc. Sign Reseller Agreement Enabling OCE To Market OPserver's FlexServer in The U.S.

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 6, 1998--

The New Software and Server-Based Architecture Frees Users From

Proprietary Technology and Offers Improved

Compatibility for Multi-Vendor Operations

OPserver Inc., a Fidelity Investments company, and Oce Printing Systems USA, Inc. today announced the signing of a reseller agreement enabling Oce to market OPserver's FlexServer(tm) product suite -- key components of Oce's new Document Management and Delivery Architecture. With the integration of FlexServer, the new Oce architecture gives customers in the United States a system to easily manage high-volume, multi-vendor, multi-site print operations, as well as an effective method to enable information re-purposing.

Under the agreement, OPserver, Inc., an industry leader in open architecture systems for high-volume print centers, and Oce, the developer and distributor of the PageStream(tm) family of high-speed digital printers and servers, join forces to address the market's need to manage and deliver information seamlessly to Oce, Xerox and IBM high-speed printers, and to the Internet, CD-ROM, or an archive and viewing system.

FlexServer, already in production in major print operations nationwide, addresses the long-standing requirement for truly open systems which enable "any-to-any" solutions that high-volume customers demand. In fact, FlexServer excels in multi-vendor environments by efficiently driving production printers from the leading vendors such as Oce, Xerox and IBM. It makes full use of new and older hardware investments as well as legacy and new client server software applications, delivering flexibility and efficiency to operations. FlexServer supports all the major Page Description Languages (PDL) such as Advanced Function Printing (AFP), PCL, PostScript, Xerox LCDS and Metacode. Additionally, all mainstream host environments such as MVS, AS/400, Sun, RS/6000 and Windows are supported. Finally, users will also have a choice of traditional printer devices, as well as "alternative delivery" options such as CD-ROM and the Internet.

In a recent Oce press release Dr. Keith Davidson, President of Xplor International, commented, "The trend toward alternative delivery formats is mounting. Customers need to know how to divert their legacy print applications to the Internet. They also need support with archiving and viewing the information from printed documents, creating the need for high-speed, high volume, high-quality electronic storage solutions."

The Oce Document Management and Delivery Architecture addresses these issues through an "Open Applications Programming Interface (API)" currently being developed. The new API will be distributed in source code format to any vendor that desires a higher level of integration with the new architecture.

"OPserver will be the 'single view' to all devices and jobs within a customer's enterprise," stated Michael Schmitt, director of systems and software for Oce Printing Systems USA, Inc.. "Oce will be the only major printer manufacturer that delivers an enterprise solution that recognizes the reality of a multi-vendor shop. This open architecture, coupled with our new API, means customers are now less dependent on more costly and proprietary platforms such as Xerox Metacode or IBM's AFP. Continuing our commitment to customer requirements, this new architecture gives users access to new levels of performance, ease-of-use, and reliability," continued Schmitt.

"Combining the FlexServer architecture with Oce's powerful printing systems allows high-volume clients to deliver high quality service to their end-customers," said David Birdsall, president of OPserver, Inc.. "FlexServer is specially-designed to perform in high-volume environments, providing a scaleable solution for managing all of an organization's output resources," added Birdsall.

OPserver's FlexServer product suite includes:

FlexServer Enterprise (tm)--(formerly known as OPS or Open Print Server), which allows companies with high-volume production printing environments--such as outsourcers and large global enterprises--to deliver the highest quality service to their end-customers. Its truly open architecture supports print-on-demand, production/transaction printing, one-to-one marketing and spot color applications, in addition to enabling the convergence of multi-vendor printer environments for increased flexibility and operational efficiency;

FlexServer Manager (tm)-- a stand-alone print server for low volume print operations; and

FlexServer Tools (tm)-- a suite of utilities designed to enhance specific areas of the print operation:

-- FlexServer Reprint Station allows selective reprinting of a

production print run;

-- FlexServer Development Station proofs application print

streams in a WYSIWYG environment before printing; and

-- FlexServer Transform allows print streams to be transformed

into a variety of output file formats including PDF, TIFF,

AFPDS, PCL, and PostScript.

About OPserver Inc.

OPserver, Inc., a Fidelity Investments company, provides comprehensive, scaleable output management solutions and professional services to improve the flexibility and efficiency of companies of all sizes. High-volume commercial enterprises such as Fidelity Investments, the country's largest mutual fund company, depend on OPserver's unparalleled commitment to maintaining state-of-the-art systems in serving their customers. OPserver, Inc. commercial clients include some of the largest companies in corporate America. Additional information on OPserver, Inc. is available on the Internet at, via e-mail to, or by calling (800) 734-6135 or (617) 392-8586.

About OCE Printing Systems USA, Inc.

Oce Printing Systems USA, Inc. is part of the Oce N.V. group of companies founded in 1877 in The Netherlands. Oce N.V. (NASDAQ: Oceny) is one of the world's leading designers, manufacturers, and marketers of copiers, electronic printers, plotters and associated services and supplies with products available in 80 countries throughout the world. The company's business units Engineering Systems, Office Systems, Imaging Supplies, and Printing Systems are chartered with providing solutions for the presentation and reproduction of information on paper. Today, the company employs 19,500 people worldwide and has revenues of US $2.7 billion. These financial and human resources ensure a focused and exciting future for the company and its customers. Oce Printing Systems USA, Inc. can be found on the Internet at
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Date:Nov 6, 1998
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