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Fidel & Religion.

Fidel & Religion

Fidel Castro and Frei Betto

Ocean Press

PO Box 1186, Old Chelsea, Station, New York, NY 10113

1920888454 $19.95

Fidel & Religion is a particularly unusual theological discussion, consisting entirely of a dialogue between Brazilian liberation theologist Frei Betto and Fidel Castro. Spoken over the course of twenty-three hours, the dialogue reveals Castro's background and his views on ethics, morals, religion, and revolution. Now with a new introduction revealing how Fidel & Revolution helped open the way for Pope John Paul II's historic 1998 visit to Cuba, and the Cuban Communist Party's decision to accept as members those practicing religious faith. Of especial interest are the parallels between Socialism and Christianity that Castro astutely observes. A thought-provoking examination for the sake of the ideals spoken as well as the political and historical importance of the man who espouses them.
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Publication:Internet Bookwatch
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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