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Fiction round-up.

Between Brothers by C. Kelly Robinson Villard, October 2001, $13.95 ISBN 0-375-75772-4

A poignant debut novel about four brothas who join together to stop a children's community center from being torn down.

Every Bitter Thing Sweet by Roslyn Carrington Dafina, August 2001, $14.00 ISBN 1-575-66851-3

Roslyn Carrington re-introduces the characters of her debut novel, A Thirst for Rain. Rory and Odile are older and a little bit wiser. Both struggle to establish independence and self-understanding. Only when they confront each other and their past do they obtain what they have really been looking for--bravery, inner-strength and the power to forgive.

Hand-Me-Down Heartache by Tajuana "TJ" Butler Villard, October 2001, $21.95 ISBN 0-375-50605-5

The author of Sorority Sisters returns with a story of a young woman who is trying to find her place in the world after graduation from college. Nina is having bad luck on the job, with her family and in love. Can an unexpected romance bring meaning to her life?

One Hand I My Pocket by Joyce Davis, Mikel Husband, and Kendra Lee BET Books; October 2001, $5.99 ISBN 1-583-14251-7

This trilogy deals with the highly controversial topic of HIV and AIDS. Each novella tells a story of an experience with the virus/disease through a friend, lover, or family member or first hand.

Red on A Rose by Patricia Jones Avon, November 2001, $14.00 ISBN 0-380-81730-6

The sequel to Jones's highly praised debut novel, Passing. Her characters deal with issues that strike a cord with many in the African American community.

Some Sunday by Margaret Johnson-Hodge Dafina, September 2001, $24.00 ISBN 1-575-66916-1

The story of Sandy Hutchinson continues in this sequel to Butterscotch Blues. After the death of her husband, Adrian, Sandy tries to put the pieces of her life back together. Sandy becomes caught in a love triangle between Winston, Adrian's brother, and Randall, a contractor who remodels her home and quite possibly her heart.

The Upper Room by Mary Monroe Dafina, October 2001, $24.00 ISBN 1-575-66910-2

The out-of-print first novel by the author of God Don't Like Ugly is reissued. Ruby Montgomery is the "larger-than-life" personality in the bayou of the Florida Everglades. Though Ruby has made every attempt to hold on to her daughter Maureen, she has decided to get a taste of the real world. Maureen must fight to hold onto her only chance of coming from under Mama Ruby's wing and becoming her own person.

Two from Zane, The Empress of Erotic Fiction

The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth Strebor Books International, $15.00 ISBN 0-967-46018-2

In this collection of erotic short stories by the author of the Essence best-seller Addicted (see review of reissue page 58), Zane's characters run the gamut from a housewife who wants more sexual exploration with her husband to the underground sorority whose sisters pledge to wild and wilder sex.

Shame On It All Strebor Books International, $15.00 ISBN 0-967-46012-3

Sisters Harmony, Bryce and Lucinda fight and get on each other's last nerve. Yet, they are very protective of each other. Readers get a glimpse into these sisters' lives and see how they are a reflection of what many black women deal with everyday.
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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