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Fibre box association's new packaging protects in-transit fruit. (Fresh Talk).

A new modular corrugated container from Fibre Box Association (FBA), based in Rolling Meadows, Ill., called the Corrugated Common Footprint, reduces in-transit bruising and improves cooling rates for the distribution of fresh produce. Minneapolis-based Supervalu has recently informed its produce suppliers that the Corrugated Common Footprint is the preferred type of modular corrugated packaging for the majority of its fresh products, with returnable plastic crates (RPCs) used primarily for wet pack products and traditional containers used only in specific circumstances. "Supervalu's goal is to transition the majority of our fresh produce to modular corrugated and, to a lesser extent, to RPCs by the end of our fiscal year, Feb. 23," says Greg Murphy, Supervalu's corporate transportation manager produce/floral. "Our initial efforts will be directed toward conversion of the key tonnage items with lower volume items evolving as we move forward. Adoption of this strategy will leave us with an integrated system of packaging that maximizes the positive attributes of each container type relevant to the product it contains," he explains.
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Author:McLaughlin, Molly
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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