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Fiberglass menagerie: the industry's most basic insulation gets an update.

FIBERGLASS IS THE MOST COMMON insulation in the United States, accounting for at least 75 percent or more of the market. Though the product is effective at insulating a home, manufacturers have found ways to make the product work even better.

Valley Forge, Pa.-based CertainTeed, for example, recently introduced DryRight, a fiberglass batt product that is faced with the manufacturer's MemBrain breathable film to help control moisture within wall cavities. "We are very excited about this product because it takes insulation beyond the bounds of thermal and acoustics and adds the critically important feature of moisture management," says Mike Loughery, marketing manager for the company's Insulation Group. "No other product in the world does this."

Earlier this year, Shelbyville, Ind.-based Knauf Insulation unveiled Perimeter Plus, a loose-fill fiberglass product that is designed to be blown into closed cavities behind a net. The manufacturer says this system offers consistent coverage and fills gaps and voids in wall cavities better than traditional batts.

Perhaps the most impressive fiberglass insulation product in recent years, however, is Spider, a spray-in fiberglass system that offers some properties and benefits similar to spray foam insulation.

Manufactured by Denver-based Johns Manville, Spider's fibers are mixed with an adhesive and sprayed into wall cavities and allowed to cure. It completely fills voids and gaps, the manufacturer says, and eliminates areas where air infiltration and energy loss may occur.

Scott DeShetler, Johns Manville's director of marketing and communication, says, "You'll see [Spider] used more for move-up and luxury homes, or in houses in the far north and far south, where a tight home is vital."

He continues, "We believe there is a trend toward spray-in products. This will be a growth market for everyone. Spray-in products add R-value and contribute to a tighter home."

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