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Fiber-optic transimpedance amplifier. (Amplifiers).

This line of fiber-optic transimpendace amplifiers (TIA) is designed for use in 10/12.5G telecum and 10 Gb Ethernet transceiver products. Tise model SFT-0100 is a high performance, low noise InGaP TIA ideally suited suited to 10/12.5G telecom applications with a transim- pedance of> 2200 [OMEGA], 3 dB bandwidth > 11.5 GHz, optical overload of 2.5 mA peak-to-peak and optical sensitivity of better than -18.5 dBm. The model SFT-5100 TLA utilizes SiGe technology and produces a transimpedance of > 2200 [OMEGA] and a 3 dB bandwidtls > 8.5 GHz. Price: $9.95 (100,000).

Sirenza Microdevices Inc.,

Circle No. 226

Sunnycale, CA (408) 616-5400.

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Title Annotation:New telecum and 10 Gb Ethernet transceiver applications
Comment:Fiber-optic transimpedance amplifier. (Amplifiers).(New telecum and 10 Gb Ethernet transceiver applications)
Publication:Microwave Journal
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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