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Fiber-optic rotary encoder.

* totally passive

* for harsh environments

The MR312 ZapFree incremental rotary encoder offers an entirely passive fiber-optic encoder for rotation sensing applications. There are no integral electronics within the encoder housing, and the all-optical design requires just a single strand of 62.5/125 multimode optical fiber connection. The encoder is immune to lightning and atmospheric static that can zap conventional encoders. It outdistances copper cables by allowing link lengths up to 1000m. Its inert nature suits it for use in hazardous and explosive environments, and its intrinsic EMI/RFI resistance suits if for safe operation around medical equipment. The encoder is packaged in a standard 58 mm OD housing that mechanically interfaces to motors and shafts like conventional encoders. The MR310 REI remote encoder interface converts optical quadrature signals to both industry standard open collector outputs and line driver output PLC or computer interface board.

Micronor Inc., Newbury Park, CA

Circle 180 or

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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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