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Feynman Software's MiniGUI Graphical User Interface Tools Available for Enea's OSE Real-Time OS; Simplifies Development of Graphical User Interfaces for Handheld Terminals, Entertainment Devices, and Medical Instruments Based on OSE.

SHANGHAI, China -- Enea (STO:ENEA), the world leader in advanced device software, today announced that Beijing-based Feynman Software has integrated its MiniGUI embedded graphics tools and middleware with Enea's OSE(TM) real-time operating system (RTOS). MiniGUI greatly simplifies the design and deployment of compact, intuitive, high-performance graphical user interfaces for handheld terminals, telecom equipment, medical devices, set-top boxes, and industrial control systems running the OSE RTOS.

MiniGUI is a leading cross-operating-system graphical user interface development system and middleware for embedded devices. MiniGUI is the GUI of choice for many of Asia's leading telecom and entertainment equipment makers, and has been widely deployed on handheld devices (mobile phones, portable media players, PDAs), set-top boxes, medical instruments, industrial control, and military systems.

"We chose to integrate MiniGUI with OSE because of its dominant position in telecom and mobile computing applications such as 3G handsets," said Wei Yongming, CEO of Feynman Software. "OSE's robust architecture, memory protection, dynamic download capability and versatile I/O and networking facilities enabled us to complete our integration work with OSE in record time."

"MiniGUI is already deployed in thousands of devices ranging from industrial controls to 3G mobile phones," said Marcus Hjortsberg, director of Enea's Asian operations. "MiniGUI's robust development framework and middleware, coupled with its ability to work in deeply embedded environments with tight memory, CPU, and real-time constraints, makes it an excellent complement to the OSE real-time operating system."

MiniGUI is a fast, stable, lightweight GUI framework and development system optimized for applications with tight resource and real-time performance constraints. MiniGUI provides mature multi-windowing and messaging mechanisms, works with a wide range of video devices (i.e., LCD, YUV), supports enhanced GDI APIs (i.e., raster, complex drawing/shading, and 2D graphics), and provides skin APIs for building flashy GUIs.

MiniGUI provides a comprehensive suite of controls (widgets), including static labels, buttons, edit boxes (single and multi-line), list and combo boxes, progress bars, property sheets, toolbars, track bars, tree, list, grid, and icon views, monthly calendar, and animation. MiniGUI supports dialog and message boxes, menus, acceleration keys, carets, and timers. It also supports popular image file types (i.e., GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG), Windows resource files (i.e. Windows bit map, icon, cursor), multiple character sets, font types, and keyboard layouts.

OSE is a family of compact, high-performance, deterministic real-time operating systems. Optimized for telecom and mobile computing applications, the OSE family addresses all aspects of low-cost, high-performance and feature-rich embedded computing, from DSP baseband processing to RISC application processing.

The OSE family delivers fully-preemptive, event-driven, real-time response. It also features built-in fault tolerant capabilities, a power management system that extends battery life, a variety of file system options (including a crash-safe file system with flash support), and dynamic download capability, which enhances device flexibility by enabling new applications to be downloaded to systems as they operate in the field.

About Enea

Enea (STO:ENEA) is the leading supplier of real-time operating systems, middleware, development tools, database technology and professional services for high-availability distributed multiprocessing applications such as telecommunications infrastructure, mobile devices, medical instrumentation, and automobile control/infotainment. Enea's flagship operating system, OSE is deployed in approximately half of the world's 3G mobile phones and base stations. Enea has over 500 employees and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. For further information on Enea, please visit

OSE is a registered trademark of Enea AB or its subsidiaries. All other company or product names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners. (C) 2006 Enea.

About Feynman

Beijing Feynman Software Technology Co., Ltd. is leading supplier of embedded graphics middleware and development tools for embedded devices such as mobile phones, PMPs, set-top boxes, video telephones, iatrical machines, industrial controllers, and query terminals. Feynman's flagship graphics middleware, MiniGUI, is a cross-operating-system embedded GUI that has been deployed by leading companies worldwide. For further information on Feynman, please visit
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Date:Aug 7, 2006
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