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Fexofenadine reduced itching due to atopic dermatitis. (First Placebo-Controlled Trial).

PARIS -- Fexofenadine proved effective at reducing the itching of atopic dermatitis in what is believed to be the first large, placebo-controlled trial of an antihistamine in treatment of this skin disease.

Antihistamines are widely prescribed for patients with atopic dermatitis, but until now, this practice hasn't been evidence based, Dr. Makoto Kawashima said at the 20th World Congress of Dermatology.

He reported on 400 atopic dermatitis patients aged 16 years or older who were randomized to either 60 mg fexofenadine twice daily or placebo for 1 week in a double-blind study Patients were asked to rate their pruritus symptoms during the last 12 hours on a 0-5 scale and to record scores twice daily.

A statistically significant reduction in itching was observed with the antihistamine, compared with placebo, on day 1. Indeed, the difference was apparent after the first dose.

At the 1-week mark, the primary study end point, the mean self-rated pruritus severity score had dropped by 0.75 points in the treatment group, a significantly greater decline than the 0.5-point drop with placebo, reported Dr. Kawashima of Tokyo Women's Medical University.

Fexofenadine, marketed in the United States as Allegra by Aventis Pharmaceuticals, resulted in significant improvements in both nocturnal and diurnal itching, compared with placebo. The nonsedating, H-1-receptor-selective antihistamine also significantly reduced the ratio of prutitus area to body surface area, compared with placebo, as assessed by investigators.

Fexofenadine was well tolerated. The safety profile was essentially identical to that of placebo. The incidence of adverse events was 23% with fexofenadine and 22% with placebo. No ECG abnormalities were detected in any study participant. The study was sponsored by Aventis.
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Author:Jancin, Bruce
Publication:Internal Medicine News
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Oct 15, 2002
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