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Fewer Refills, Higher Doses Recommended.

A recent study published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) suggests that the key to decreasing rates of addiction causes by prescribed painkiller medications may be to provide fewer refills, and offer higher dosages of the painkiller.

The study suggests that by ensuring the individual experiences less pain early on, they can overcome the need to continue taking the painkillers sooner than they would otherwise. According to the study, ensuring the individual did not need to be on the medication for too long would decrease the likelihood that they engage in substance abuse or become addicted.

The study revealed that when a patient was prescribed an opioid painkiller medication, the likelihood that they would engage in abuse of that substance increased by 20% for each additional week of taking the medication. Furthermore, each time an opioid painkiller medication prescription was filled, the likelihood that the individual would engage in abuse increased by 40%.

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