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Few rules and regulations for Umbriafiction-TV '91.

Few Rules And Regulations For Umbriafiction-TV '91

Eligible festival participants are state-owned and private TV networks, together with their producers or co-producers, film and TV production houses that produce or co-produce fiction. The festival is divided into three sections: TV Movies, mini-series, serials.

Both finished productions that have already been broadcasted after the 1st of October 1989 or have still not been transmitted may participate.

As one of the main aims of the Festival is to encourage international exchanges, the participants must also indicate the fair price for any eventual negotiations on selling rights. The organizers are authorized to use three-minute excerpts from the programs for promotional reasons.

There will be two juries, made up of European and non-European experts. The European jury, headed by a different chairman each year, will judge the non-European entries, and vice versa. The most prestigious prize in the whole Festival, the Umbriafiction TV Award, will be presented to the overall winner elected by the two juries among the six category winners.

Headquarters for Umbriafiction is Perugia's Chamber of Commerce. Perugia's main square on the way to Umbriafiction's headquarters will have a welcoming booth for the media event participants.

PHOTO : Modern contrast: Perugia's Chamber of Commerce, Field Headquarters for the Umbriafiction '91

PHOTO : The green heart of Italy: Umbria. From time immemorial scene of great events, culture, art, environment.
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Publication:Video Age International
Date:Mar 1, 1991
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