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Feud that led to the downfall; in association with TV Choice SADDAM'S TRIBE (C4, 9pm).

FOLLOWING the toppling of Saddam Hussein's despotic regime in Iraq, it was only a matter of time before film-makers turned their attention to the private life of the dictator.

But for those opting to tune in to this insightful docu-drama, there is at least more than a grain of truth at its core.

Inspired by a series of candid interviews between producer Monica Garnsey and Hussein's daughter Raghad, as well as eye-witnesses, this offering aims to lift the lid on the bitter power struggles that tore at the Hussein clan behind the scenes.

The leader and his family lived a privileged existence, and as Saddam enjoyed unopposed rule for more than 25 years, his loyal relatives were rewarded with seats on his government.

Chief among them were psychopathic son Uday and son-in-law Hussein Kamel - Raghad's husband.

At first, all seemed well, but in 1995, a vicious struggle for power erupted between the two younger men, leaving Saddam's daughter caught in the middle.

As events reached their bloody conclusion, ironically she was the only one to survive the coup d'etat that would lead, ultimately, to her father's eventual execution.

Stanley Townsend and Daniel Mays are among the cast.


KYLA (Rakie Ayola) has never been one of the more likeable members of staff and her quick temper has landed her in hot water on more than one occasion.

However, this week, the fiery nurse's world crashes down as, after an argument with Harvey (Roger Griffiths), he tumbles from the roof.

The chap is rushed into the operating theatre as the police start asking awkward questions, and just when it seems as if he'll make a recovery, complications arise and Harvey dies.

While Kyla desperately tries to hide the fact she and her husband were fighting, her son Max (Thor Guichard) reveals the truth.

After extensive questioning, the police get the full story, come to the conclusion Max isn't safe with his mother and take the lad away.

Kyla is grief-stricken, but knows full well she's brought this turn of events upon herself.

Meanwhile, Connie (Amanda Mealing) refuses to let the fact she's recently given birth deter her from being at work, leading Sam (Tom Chambers) to suspect she's suffering from post-natal depression.

Jac (Rosie Marcel) persuades Joseph (Luke Roberts) to take her to a get-together with his parents, where she and Lord Byrne (Ronald Pickup) finally reveal their true feelings.


POWER STRUGGLE... docu-drama Saddam's Tribe charts the family feud which toppled the dictator's regime.; GUILTY... Kyla is questioned about Harvey's fall in Holby City.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 10, 2007
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