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Fete of the fairer sex.

With so much conspicuous consumption, be it with gadgets, infotech or food, it's not surprising that "detox" has evolved from buzzword to monthly necessity. Detox has become the default solution to the ills of modern living than a good flush. Of course, there's no better way to live healthy than to avoid the excess in the first place. That was the idea behind the recent Ford Fiesta EcoBoost Green Drive.


A small group of media attendees were to drive four Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost units from Ford Makati to Gourmet Farms, Cavite. Composed mostly of the fairer sex, it seemed fated that our assigned Phantom Purple unit would be commandeered by another female team, relegating our all-male team to the gender-neutral white one. We should have took it as a warning of the events to come.


The 67-kilometer drive would give participants plenty of time to get comfortable in the car. We were especially encouraged to tinker with the Ford Sync in-car entertainment system that allowed the driver to use steering-mounted controls or even voice commands to answer phone calls, play tracks or even adjust the volume.

The distance would also be an apt litmus test for the vehicle's fuel consumption. The EcoBoost, after all, is one of Ford's proudest achievements, boasting of a larger engine's power with the thirst of smaller engine's. The three-cylinder turbocharged powerplant not only returns benefits in fuel consumption, its light weight also makes the car accelerate faster and more nimble in turns.

The quick shifting dual-clutch automatic transmission was tempting to play with, yet so too was the Fiesta's built-in game to encourage frugal driving. Accessible on the car's center screen is the EcoMode that rates a driver's anticipation and speed. More green stars equate to a higher score, with the rank displayed once the vehicle arrives at its destination and is switched off.


Up in Tagaytay, the convoy topped up with fuel to determine the amount of liters used. Then it was off to Gourmet Farms for a brief demonstration by a chef on the best way to prepare a salad. A tour of the vast organic farm was also organized after the meal, giving a glimpse of just how much greener naturally grown vegetables can be.

Before heading back down to Manila, Ford representatives revealed the fuel economy results of the participating vehicles. An all-female team garnered an astounding 39.3 km/L, with the rest of the pack achieving an average of 30.8 km/L.

With all said, done and eaten, it was certainly refreshing to have our male egos bruised by the fairer sex. Our daytrip with the Fiesta EcoBoost proved that achieving high fuel economy was not just easy. With the built-in features, it can be fun too. The car is a shining example of the adage, "less is more." With the fuel saved, there more left to spend on fun.


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Title Annotation:Motoring
Publication:Manila Bulletin
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Date:Jun 5, 2014
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