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Festive fun quizzes from our readers; Many thanks to Daily Post reader Paul Gasson who has compiled this perfect pub quiz - how many can you answer?

WHICH country uses forints? 1 Ullage and botrytis are terms connected with...? 2 Who was Domenikos Theotocopoulus 34 Which goddess was the Greek equivalent of the Roman Venus? What mythical creature is a lycanthrope? 5 Where is the Strait of Juan de Fuca? 6 7 Where would you find Charon in Greek mythology? 8 Who was the Roman God of wine and drinking? Who drowned admiring his reflection in a pool? 9 10Emil Zatopek won the 5,000m, 10,000m and marathon at the same Olympics in 1952 - but in which event did his wife Dana also strike gold? How many complete symphonies did 11 Beethoven compose? 12Which writer's real name was Francois Marie Arouet? 13Which conquistador led the conquest of what is now Peru? What kind of drink is Barsac? 14 15What is the historic monetary unit of Finland? What is a dolorimeter used for? 16What is triskadekaphobia? 17 Name any two of the Channel Islands.

18 19"Serendipity" was coined from ancient tale The Three Princes of Serendip. Where in real life was Serendip? Who does Greenland belong to? 20 Samuel Clemens was better known by his 21 pen name - what was it? If you cross the Kill van Kull from N to S, 22 where are you? What is a Portuguese Man-of-war? 23What kind of creature is a Goldeneye? 24 25What does three short blasts on a ship's siren mean? What's the highest mountain in Ireland? 26 27What is the recognized distress signal in the UK's mountains: a) 6 flashes or whistle blasts, repeated at 1 min intervals b) SOS? Who or what is John o' Groats? 28 What is 50 in Roman Numerals? 29 30What is Samuel Beckett's best-known stage play? Where are the Islets of Langerhans? 31 Who wrote The Iceman Cometh? 32 Where would you find Clavius? 33 Name the planets of the Solar System.

34 35Which is the brightest star as seen from the Earth, apart from the Sun itself? 36Where is the Inaccessible Pinnacle? What does AGP stand for (in computing)? 37What is GHz the scientific symbol for? 38What is Scotland's second highest peak? 39 40What is the Welsh name for the mountain called Snowdon in English? 41What did 19thC sage Charles Babbage invent a forerunner of? 42What is 2003, as a Chinese Animal year? 43What is the 10th wedding anniversary gift? 44What were the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world? What are the seven Deadly Sins? 45 46Where were the summer Olympic Games held in 1992? 47If I was born on May 1st what is my Zodiac sign? 48What is the 35th Wedding Anniversary called? 49What is the gemstone associated with November? 50What's the world's highest (above sea level) active volcano? And another tricky 12 to ponder....

Many thanks to Mary Edwards, Llanfairpwll, for these: 1. In 2005, who was runner-up to Shayne Ward in the X-Factor? 2. Who is the only actor to have appeared in every episode of'Last of the Summer Wine? 3. Who won the FA Cup in 2008? 4. What do you call a group of foxes? 5. What boy's name can be given to a variety of tree & an island capital? 6. In 2006, who won series six of I'm a Celebrity - Get me out of Here? 7. How many Formula 1 races did Michael Schumacher win? 8. What is the county town of the Isle of Wight? 9. How many undergraduate colleges are there in Oxford? 10. In what English county is Sizewell B nuclear power station? 11. What was Chester known as in Roman times? 12. How many lakes are there in the Lake district? ANSWERS etc) waters meres/ are others the (Lake Bassenthwaite 12.

Deva 1.

Suffolk 10.

30 9.Newport 8.

91 7.Willis Matt 6.

Douglas 5.

Skulk A4.

Portsmouth 3.

Sallis Peter 2.

Abraham Andy 1.
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Dec 26, 2014
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