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Fertility rates rise in Canada.

Canada recorded its highest number of births, and its highest total fertility rate, in seven years in 2005, thanks mostly to women in their 30s. However, the total fertility rate is still far below the replacement level fertility.

Alberta and Quebec led with increases of 3.3% and 3.1%, respectively. The rate in Quebec is influenced by programs and financial rewards intended to encourage more births.

Canada's total fertility rate in 2005 was 1.54 children per woman, an increase from 1.53 in the previous year and the highest rate since 1998, well below what is known as the replacement level fertility (2.1 children per woman).

In total, 342,176 babies were born in 2005, up 1.5% from the previous year. This growth rate was more than double the 0.6% increase in 2004. (In 1947, the nation's total fertility rate was 3.6 children per woman.

Teen fertility rates declined in all provinces except Alberta, where the rate rose slightly from 18.8 per 1,000 women in 2004 to 18.9 in 2005.

Rising fertility in Canada parallels trends in other low birth rate countries.
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