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Fertility intentions among childless Finnish men and women.

Many young Finnish adults are postponing parenthood according to a study exploring the reproductive intentions of 724 childless Finnish men and women aged 18-34 years, who responded to a country-wide postal survey. The decision to postpone having children until some point in the future often related to educational attainment, with those educated at vocational or university level more likely to plan to become parents than those with less education. Uncertainty about having children at all was relatively common and was often related to employment status. The question of economic security was important for both those who wanted to postpone parenthood and those who did not plan to have children or were uncertain. Those who were postponing having children were more likely to emphasise reasons related to their present life situation and seemed more open to change, while those who were hesitant about having children at all emphasised longer-standing reasons. Parmership and the state of the relationship were also important factors. (1)

(1.) Miettinen A, Paajanen P. Yes, no, maybe: fertility intentions and reasons behind them among childless men and women. Yearbook of Population Research in Finland 2005;(41):165-84.
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Date:May 1, 2006
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