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X-out board replacement: don't let one bad board spoil the whole bunch. Jul 1, 2003 574
Elementary, my dear rework technician: uncovering the mysteries of 2-D x-ray inspection. May 1, 2003 718
Waste not, want not: simplify BGA rework by reusing leftover solder. Apr 1, 2003 711
"Tool time" in rework: expect the unexpected: common tools can be put to good use during rework. Mar 1, 2003 783
Solving a BGA footprint mismatch: daughter card to the rescue. Feb 1, 2003 662
When boards lose their edge: when the corner of a circuit board breaks or is damaged, the problem cannot be ignored. Jan 1, 2003 696
Who's afraid of lead-free rework? The rules of rework change when dealing with lead-free assemblies. Nov 1, 2002 655
Coating removal methods: normally, removing a large QFF from a board would be easy, but what do you do with thick, clear, rubbery coatings? Oct 1, 2002 832
Legend and markings repair: boards with damaged legends or markings aren't necessarily destined for the scrap bin--three IPC-approved methods can help. Jul 1, 2002 679
Like Gulliver in Lilliput: reworking tiny components: rework of 0402 and 0201 chip components is not impossible. Jun 1, 2002 649
A cure for BGA's warped sense of humor: rework can result in BGA warpage--find out how it can be prevented. May 1, 2002 640
All that glitters: gold edge contacts can become worn, damaged or contaminated by solder and must be either repaired and restored, or replaced. Apr 1, 2002 876
The unkindest cut of all: performing etch cuts in external and internal connections can be simple or extremely complex. Mar 1, 2002 788
Reliability relationships: what ensures complete product reliability? Feb 1, 2002 641
Solutions in solder paste: new stencil developments make the BGA rework process more reliable. Jan 1, 2002 694
Using Solder Fountains -- A complicated, time-consuming procedure is transformed into a quick and easy fix. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 698
Adding Jumper Wires Through "Gopher Holes" -- Few options exist in BGA modification, but, if the need arises, here's one option to try. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 517
A Ticking Bomb -- After several encounters with BGA component repair, a wiser-if not more humble-operator emerges. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 645
Damage-Free Pad Removal -- A proven method of circuit removal on modern base material. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 686
Working With Jumper Wires -- The need to attach jumper wires to circuit board assembliesis virtually inevitable. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 661
Staying Certified -- Repair operators can go back to school without leaving the manufacturing facility. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 617
Rebuilding the Foundation: Base Material Damage. Brief Article May 1, 2001 693
PCB Burlesque: Stripping Away Solder Mask -- Several safe and reliable ways of removing solder mask do exist! Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 705
What's New in BGA Rework Site Preparation. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 746

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