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Ferrer, Caridad. Adios to my old life.

FERRER, Caridad. Adios to my old life. Simon & Schuster, MTV Pocket Books. 246p. c2006. 1-4165-2473-1. $9.95. S

Performing is in Ali Montero's blood. She is only 17, but she is sure she can make it onto Oye Mi Canto, the new music reality show aimed at the Latino community. Best friend Sosi is along for the ride, helping her keep it a secret from her dad, a music professor at the local university. Once Ali passes her audition, her life is completely transformed. Her father's best friend, Elaine, is designated as her chaperone since she is underage. Elaine keeps Ali grounded and focused on her goals, in spite of the adulation she is exposed to on a daily basis.

While learning new music, Ali is swept into a world of cutthroat competition. As each week passes and more contestants are eliminated, Ali finds out who her true friends are. She even starts her first romance with Jaime, who works for the show.

The main characters are appealing and down to earth, but the supporting characters are a little one-dimensional. Readers will know almost from the first few chapters who the villain is. A pleasant surprise here is that the ending is unpredictable, making it exciting to reach the final scenes. Unlike American Idol, readers won't have to wait months to find out the winner. Recommend this to music fans and readers of realistic fiction. Olivia Durant, Libn., Webster PL, Webster, NY

S--Recommended for senior high school students.
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Author:Durant, Olivia
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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