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Fermentation Process Development of Industrial Organisms.

Fermentation Process Development of Industrial Organisms.

Fermentation processes are hardly new, they have been utilised for many years now in the industrial context and it has been the task of the process engineer to scale-up what was a bench-scale technique. Now whilst much has been published about the techniques involved, there is less information about the biological aspects of the organisms involved. This text is intended to tilt the balance back. In fact, in the editor's view this book is intended for those who work in the field but are neither engineers or biologists by training.

Traditionally, fermentation processes were based on waste streams as feedstock which meant there was little real physiological control over the actual process. However, with the advent of `recombinant' technologies the situation is changing, because it is now possible to alter organisms genetically.

Twelve contributors created this text and the six chapters are arranged by organism. Their titles are Actinomycetes, Fermentation of bacilli, Coryneform bacteria, Bioprocess technology in industrial fungi, Using mammalian cells to produce products, and Growth of yeast.
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Date:Feb 1, 1990
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